Polkadex Needs You: Let’s Win a Parachain on Polkadot Together

The future of Polkadex is in your hands! We need your support to win a parachain slot in the auctions starting from January 17th. Read this article for our parachain auction strategy & crowdloan rewards. Polkadex Just now·9 min read The time has come. Going live January 17th! Polkadex is going for a parachain slot … Read more

A simple guide to the Web3 stack

Want to play Axie Infinity or get paid for your content on Mirror? First thing you’ll need is a wallet, which serves as the main point of entry for most Web3 applications. Fiat onramps like Moonpay, Wyre, or exchanges like Coinbase help users trade their fiat money for crypto in order to get started. With … Read more

PolkaIDO launches on the Polkadex Testnet

PolkaIDO becomes the first Polkadex component to finish private beta testing and launch onto the Polkadex testnet Polkadex Just now·5 min read PolkaIDO, Polkadex’s game-changing, fully decentralized IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platform, is now live on the Polkadex testnet. This means anybody can now start to get familiar with PolkaIDO and begin to see how … Read more

Bounce Progress Update 2022 #01

Bounce.finance Just now·2 min read Happy New Year, everyone! We’d like to kick off 2022 with some exciting updates from the Bounce team, sharing progress with the project and what you can expect from us in the short term! Bounce Solana The auction “Fixed Swap” function has been completed, and the pre-launch test is now … Read more

December at Polkadex

Polkadex Just now·6 min read 2021 has undoubtedly been a year of growth for Polkadex. The last month of the year was no exception. The beginning of December was the busiest time yet for Polkadex developers. Throughout the whole month, the spotlight shone on Polkadex in a big way, including an awesome video feature by … Read more

Perspective: Bitcoin is not boring

By Mark Nesbitt Crypto is a rapidly growing space, with many views on how it might evolve. This series explores various ideas on crypto’s future and does not necessarily reflect the view of Coinbase. TLDR: This post explores a typical evolution of understanding Bitcoin, how its most common criticisms can actually be strengths, and why … Read more

1inch integrates with Skynet’s Homescreen

Thanks to the integration, users will be able to add the 1inch dApp to their Homescreen, saving the entirety of the site’s code and assets to their personal, decentralized cloud. The 1inch Network is happy to announce that the 1inch front-end is now deployed to Skynet with full support for Homescreen. With Homescreen, users can … Read more

November at Polkadex

Native PDEX listed on Gate.io, the Polkadex network turns two months old, and more! Polkadex Just now·5 min read It’s been two months since the Polkadex mainnet was launched! While the month of October laid out the foundation for the growth of the Polkadex network, November has continued to build on top of that foundation. … Read more

Vite Runner Hackathon

Joel Yang Dec 1 · 3 min read Who’s running with us? The third vuild season is here. Vite Labs has once again partnered with Gitcoin as a proud sponsor of the Grants Round 12 Hackathon. Our theme this time is Vite Runner. A Vite Runner is someone meticulously dedicated to high quality work and … Read more