Charles Liu: 2021 Year-end Reflections

Vite Editor Dec 31 · 4 min read Dear #ViteFleet, As we approach the end of this year, I want to take the time to wish you an enjoyable and peaceful holiday. In this letter, I will review what Vite is about (for our many newcomers to the #ViteFleet this year), summarize Vite’s tremendous progress … Read more

ViteX Gateway Incentive Plan

Joel Yang Dec 14 · 2 min read To increase user participation and the degree of decentralization on the ViteX exchange, we are rolling out a brand new ViteX Gateway Inventive Plan. The purpose of this plan is to incentivize the creation and sound maintenance of more gateways on ViteX. As such, we have designed … Read more

ViteBridge 0.1 Live on Testnet

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 2 min read ViteBridge is our grand vision for a universal and decentralized cross-chain protocol. Today, we are launching ViteBridge 0.1 on the Vite Testnet. This marks the first milestone of achieving that grand vision. Developing in phases, our plan is for each stage of ViteBridge to implement further decentralization … Read more

ViteBridge 0.1 Bug Bounty Program

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 2 min read ViteBridge 0.1 is live on testnet! This is the first step to achieve our grand vision for a universal and decentralized cross-chain protocol. Before ViteBridge 0.1 goes on mainnet, we want to do our best to ensure security of the protocol. As part of this, we encourage … Read more

ViteBridge 0.1 Testnet Tutorial

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 5 min read Summary ViteBridge 0.1 has been deployed on the Testnet, and it currently allows bridging between the Vite chain (“Vite”) and Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). The following tutorial will show you how to move tokens between the Vite chain and BSC via ViteBridge. Note that both the Vite … Read more

Vite Runner Hackathon

Joel Yang Dec 1 · 3 min read Who’s running with us? The third vuild season is here. Vite Labs has once again partnered with Gitcoin as a proud sponsor of the Grants Round 12 Hackathon. Our theme this time is Vite Runner. A Vite Runner is someone meticulously dedicated to high quality work and … Read more

Important: The “Saturn” Upgrade on the Vite Mainnet

Joel Yang Nov 3 · 2 min read The Vite mainnet will undergo the 6th upgrade this November. With the code name “Saturn“, this upgrade will include improvements for smart contract development and adjustment of key parameters on ViteX, including ratios for mining $VX, and the cost for generating referral codes. Block height: 77106666 Estimated … Read more

Vite Ecosystem Projects

Joel Yang Oct 29 · 3 min read Vitamin Coin A meme coin project — the vite-based, potentially highly decentralized, free to transfer, amazingly nutritious, and hands-down the best crypto out there. It was created in 2021 by a VITE enthusiast, 1appleaday, who sought to raise awareness about health within the cryptocurrency space. While VITC … Read more

Halloween Meme Contest: Vite’s Wicked Advantage

Joel Yang Oct 21 · 2 min read Time to shill Vite’s wicked advantages this Halloween season. Tell the world why Vite is vitally important to our Web3 future and warn everyone to ignore Vite at their own peril! What We Are Looking For Create a meme, this can be short videos or images that … Read more