Quantitative Crypto Insight: an analysis of triangular arbitrage transactions in Uniswap v2

By Indra Rustandi, Nabil Benbada, Yao Ma Arbitrage defined In traditional finance, an arbitrage is an opportunity to make a positive gain with virtually no risk involved by taking advantage of pricing discrepancies that are present in the markets. These pricing discrepancies are an indication that some inefficiencies are present in the markets. Arbitrageurs will … Read more

Missed Our Community AMA? Check the Recap!

QuickSwap Official Just now·13 min read In yesterday’s spellbinding AMA, QuickSwap’s co-founders — Sameep Singhania and Roc Zacharias — joined the community’s Telegram to answer everyone’s most burning questions. Once there, the discussion evolved from plans for the DEX’s future to how UniSwap launching on Polygon will affect QuickSwap. Because some might find reading through … Read more

The 1inch Router v4 is rolled out

Thanks to the improvements, users will be able to make swaps with the 1inch Router v4 5.4% cheaper on average than the same swaps made directly on DEXes, such as Uniswap. The 1inch Network has rolled out version 4 of its router, which contains several major improvements. In version 4, separate routers have been added … Read more

Weekly Technical Update #20, Sunday November 7

SundaeSwap Labs Just now·2 min read This week certainly saw the nitrous fuel hit. We released an article on our scaling solution and have received extremely positive feedback. We did a follow up interview to clarify a few small points and share the solution with audiovisual consumers. We handed off our smart contracts to the … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #15, Sunday October 3rd

SundaeSwap Labs ·Just now These last two weeks, the frontend team has been working on internationalization and wallet integrations. The infrastructure team continued work on a tool for analysis of the Cardano blockchain. This will allow us (and anyone) to monitor the health of the protocol, and understand important statistics like total volume, TVL, etc. … Read more

The 1inch Network expands to Arbitrum

The expansion to Arbitrum is set to offer 1inch users lower transaction costs, higher transaction speeds and fast withdrawals. The 1inch Network continues conquering more and more of the DeFi space and is happy to share that the 1inch Aggregation Protocol and the 1inch Limit Order Protocol have been deployed on Arbitrum One, an L2 … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #13, Sunday September 12

SundaeSwap Labs ·Just now This week the frontend team worked on internationalization and polishing some of the rough edges like error pages. They also continued prototyping wallet integration, and reading / aggregating live data from the blockchain. The infrastructure team began load testing our scalability solution. More details on this soon! The smart contract team … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #12, Sunday September 5th

SundaeSwap Labs Just now·1 min read This week, the frontend team finished the work to construct deposit and withdrawal transactions, and continued with wallet integration and hardening; They also worked on wiring up more front-end data to real data read from the protocol. The infrastructure team focused on improvements to the build pipeline, along with … Read more