AscendEX Weekly Roundup | July 24 — July 30, 2021

AscendEX Support Jul 30 · 2 min read Our One Minute Digest July 24, 2021 — July 30, 2021 Platform Update AscendEX has a total of 197 tokens listed and innovative product offerings such as ASD Investment Multiple Cards, Airdrop Multiple Cards, Staking Services, and more. AscendEX listed Ternoa (CAPS) under the trading pair of … Read more

Testing Crypto Payments & Staking at Kraken

By: Brett McLain, Director of Engineering – Crypto, Fiat, Staking If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, payments, or staking and want to help build the financial system of the future, the funding engineering team @ Kraken is hiring! When Kraken launched a decade ago, only three cryptocurrencies were supported: BTC, LTC, and XRP.  Today, Kraken supports … Read more

Kraken Staking Rewards Top $100 Million

We are thrilled to announce that, year-to-date, Kraken has paid out more than $100 million in rewards to our clients via our first-in-class staking service.  Recognized as the global leader in secure, on-chain staking, Kraken has seen the total number of assets staked on our platform rise from $1 billion to more than $5 billion … Read more

$WASABI cross-chain synthetic asset| BurgerSwap Farm

BurgerKing Just now·1 min read BurgerSwap is excited to announce that we are partnering with, to bring to BurgerSwap $WASABI Farming Pool. Users will be able to stake their BLP tokens into the $WASABI farming pool to farm 500 WASABI tokens over 7 days, starting from 19 May 2021 17:00(UTC+8). $WASABI Farming Pool Details … Read more

Passive income + prizes = perfect Spring combo

WhiteBIT May 1 · 1 min read Many of our users know that we have 45+ plans with different conditions that allow earning up to 60% APR. But what is the best way to celebrate warm and sunny May? With our special offer, of course! Here’s how: ◾️ From the 1st till the 11th of … Read more

Earn 4-6% Staking Cardano (ADA), Available on Kraken Now!

Kraken is excited to announce staking for Cardano (ADA) went live on May 4 at approximately 21:00 UTC. Kraken listed ADA for trading in September 2018. By staking ADA through Kraken’s market leading staking service you’ll take your place among the decentralized community of supporters… The post Earn 4-6% Staking Cardano (ADA), Available on Kraken … Read more

AscendEX Weekly Roundup | Apr 24 — Apr 30, 2021

AscendEX Support Apr 30 · 2 min read Our One-minute Digest Apr 24, 2021 — Apr 30, 2021 Platform Update Currently listed a total of 181 tokens with the product offering BTMX investment Multiple Card, Airdrop Multiple Card, Staking Service, BTMX Investment, etc., for potentially higher rewards. AscendEX listed Unmarshal (MARSH) under the trading pair … Read more

Everything you need to know about dQUICK & the Dragon’s Lair

QuickSwap 2 days ago·3 min read This guest blog was written with input from valued community members Tom & Aaron of Within the QuickSwap support channels, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “What is dQuick?” But while many want to understand the asset and how it works technically, others really just want … Read more

xBNT is Live: Auto-Compounding Liquidity on Bancor Pools

xBNT is a set-and-forget staking solution built by the xToken project that provides automated yield optimization on Bancor liquidity pools. Users deposit BNT and xBNT finds the highest-yielding pools on Bancor and rebalances liquidity between pools to maximize profits for xBNT holders. xBNT automatically re-stakes BNT rewards without requiring users to pay gas. xBNT introduces a self-driving … Read more