What is Ethereum?

Poloniex Apr 5 · 6 min read The origins of Ethereum Founded by Vitalik Buterin, who has since become one the most prolific voices in crypto, Ethereum seeks to bring about the decentralization of the Internet through the use of something called a smart contract. In its whitepaper, one of the most important visions laid … Read more

QuickSwap’s New UI Alpha $50,000 Bug Bounty

QuickSwap Official · Follow Feb 9 · 3 min read TL; DR: After several months of development, QuickSwap open-sourced the code for our new UI last Thursday The alpha of our new UI will be useable tomorrow, on Thursday, February 10th This bug bounty will run from now until the audit of our code is … Read more

I know what MATIC is, but what TF is wMATIC?

QuickSwap Official Just now·4 min read Matic and its wrapped ERC-20 representation. To put it simply, wMATIC is “wrapped MATIC”, but before we get into that, let’s begin by introducing some core concepts: First, there’s the MATIC token Though it was originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, MATIC is the native currency of the Polygon … Read more

How 1inch ensures the security of users’ funds

In this article, we’ll explain how 1inch protects users’ assets against any security breaches regardless of the protocol on which swaps are made. Security is one of the most urgent concerns in the DeFi space, as smart contracts do get hacked from time to time. Over the past few months alone, there have been several … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #15, Sunday October 3rd

SundaeSwap Labs ·Just now These last two weeks, the frontend team has been working on internationalization and wallet integrations. The infrastructure team continued work on a tool for analysis of the Cardano blockchain. This will allow us (and anyone) to monitor the health of the protocol, and understand important statistics like total volume, TVL, etc. … Read more

Top ten smart contract security risks

SCR-1: Super User Account or Privilege Management The smart contract implements functions that allow a privileged role to unilaterally and arbitrarily alter the functionality of the asset. SCR-2: Blacklisting and Burning Functions The smart contract implements functions that allow a privileged role to prohibit a specific address from exercising an essential functionality. SCR-3: Contract Logic … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #3, Sunday June 27th

SundaeSwap 4 days ago·1 min read The frontend team continued work on a library to build swap transactions, using emurgo’s serialization library. They also built a low-fidelity version of the swap component along with a state machine for an end to end swap transaction. The infrastructure team got an Alonzo Blue node connected to the … Read more

Introducing Solidify — a tool to automatically detect and classify smart contract security risks

By Peter Kacherginsky, Principal Blockchain Security Engineer When our blockchain security team started doing a few smart contract security reviews in 2018, we had no idea that we would be doing hundreds of reviews in 2021. To grow the open financial system, Coinbase is committed to expanding its list of supported cryptocurrencies. Recently, we launched … Read more

DeFi continues to grow, here are just a few reasons why

OKEx Apr 8 · 3 min read There has been a lot of hype around decentralized finance over the past year, here are a few reasons why DeFi is doing so well. What is DeFi First things first, just what is DeFi? The abbreviation is short for decentralized finance, which as the name implies, involves … Read more