Polkadex partners with OnFinality to offer one-click node deployment

You can now run your own Polkadex node in no time thanks to OnFinality Polkadex Just now·3 min read Polkadex has partnered with OnFinality to give Polkadex community members the ability to run their own validator nodes without needing to buy and/or set up their own hardware. OnFinality provides core infrastructure services for the future … Read more

Polkadex is officially a part of the Substrate Builders Program

The program gives the Polkadex team the hands-on support and resources necessary to take Polkadex to the next level Polkadex Just now·4 min read As you may have realized by now, building Polkadex is a huge undertaking. A solo-chain on Substrate with a decentralized trading engine for Web3 built on top is an unprecedented and … Read more

Validators in the Polkadex network

Over a week after the successful Polkadex Mainnet launch, dive into the importance of validators on the Polkadex network Polkadex Just now·7 min read We are a little over a week into the launch of the Polkadex blockchain and there are already 60 validator nodes spread across the world who are currently verifying transactions and … Read more

September at Polkadex

An amazing month capped off by the launch f the Polkadex Mainnet! Polkadex Just now·5 min read While September brought summer to an end, things at Polkadex only got hotter and hotter as the month went along. It ended the highest of notes as the Polkadex Mainnet was successfully launched on September 29th! Catch up … Read more

The Polkadex Mainnet is live!

A key milestone for Polkadex and the start of a new era for DeFi and Web3 Polkadex Just now·6 min read Exactly a year after the idea of Polkadex began to take form, the Polkadex blockchain is now live as a public solo-chain built on Substrate. Soon, the main components of Polkadex, including the PolkaIDO … Read more

Testnet: PDEX Migration Tutorial

The next phase of the Polkadex Testnet includes the PDEX Migration process redesigned for Test Tokens Polkadex Just now·6 min read In order to participate in the next phase of the Polkadex Testnet, you will need to re-fill your account with Test Tokens. However, we have turned the Twitter Test Token faucet bot off! Here’s … Read more

Polkadex Mainnet Launch: September 29th

The first step that will turn the Polkadex vision into reality is almost here! Polkadex Just now·4 min read There is finally a date for the Polkadex Mainnet release! On September 29th, the Polkadex team will publicly launch the Polkadex blockchain, upon which Polkadex’s products will be built and gradually released. The Mainnet release marks … Read more

Polkadex x Bruno NFT Giveaway and Auction

Your chance to get your hands on super-cute rare Polkadex NFTs is here! Polkadex Just now·3 min read Polkadex has teamed up with Bruno Banana to give away seven Polkadex x Bruno NFTs on Twitter and auction off three exclusive rare ones on OpenSea! The giveaway Seven lucky winners will get this little ‘Polkadexer’ monkey … Read more

Testnet update: Tokenomics Integration

After last week’s successful release of the Polkadex Testnet, it’s time to kick things up a notch. Polkadex Just now·6 min read Last week brought the release of the Polkadex Testnet, the Test Token faucet, and the ability for anybody to run a Testnet validator node and/or stake their Test Tokens. The response was overwhelmingly … Read more

Polkadex has been accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab program

An important step towards becoming the trading engine of Web3 and DeFi! Polkadex Just now·2 min read The Polkadex team is proud to announce we have been accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) program at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto! After an intensive bootcamp and a rigorous selection process … Read more