The Dragon’s Guide to Impermanent Losses

QuickSwap Official Just now·5 min read One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at QuickSwap is “what are impermanent losses” and “how can I prevent them”? We understand that you want to protect (even increase) your hoard, and you may have heard that providing liquidity on a DEX is one way to do … Read more

Introducing DODO v2.1 and DODO NFT

The DODO team is pleased to announce the official launch of DODO v2.1, which includes the addition of the DODO NFT platform, infrastructure optimizations, as well as product usability and quality-of-life improvements. Major updates are as follows: DODO NFT fragments marketplace is now available at DODO platform users can now trade partial ownerships of … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Dual Farming On QuickSwap

QuickSwap Official Just now·5 min read TL;DR: Dual farming yields rewards in two crypto assets and often increases profits QuickSwap has launched dual farming rewards for select Matic pairs Liquidity providers to select pools will receive rewards in both $MATIC and $QUICK Learn how to receive LP rewards in both QUICK and MATIC today Everyone … Read more

Serum DAO Launches Liquidity Mining Program with $100M Treasury

Project Serum Just now·2 min read We are delighted to announce that the Serum DAO voted and approved a new Liquidity Mining Program starting with an initial allocation of $100M. This program aims to attract more users to Serum’s growing ecosystem and to encourage further development on the protocol. This is great news on top … Read more

Introducing Dfyn Incentivized Liquidity Program on Fantom

Dfyn Network Just now·3 min read While Dfyn was initially launched on Polygon, Dfyn was always intended to be a multi-chain AMM. To this end, today we are happy to announce farming on our Dfyn node on Fantom, following up on our pilot launch a few days ago. (For those of you that are new … Read more

New Approaches to Liquidity in DeFi

Capital efficient liquidity via Olympus Pro, Tokemak, and Fei x Ondo LaaS Joey Santoro Oct 18 · 6 min read Liquidity is one of the primary goals of any developed financial market. The problem is essentially, “I want to make X trade as cheaply as possible, and I need someone on the other side.” This … Read more

It’s a Celo-bration!! How to Access Sushi on Celo

Sushi is excited to announce that Celo liquidity rewards will be live tomorrow, October 14th at 8PM UTC! In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about Sushi and how to start earning rewards with Celo. Topics covered in this tutorial: Introduction to SushiHow are SUSHI rewards distributed?How to earn with CELOHow to connect MetaMask with CeloHow to … Read more

Introducing the Dragon Riders — QuickSwap’s Ambassador Program

QuickSwap Official Just now·8 min read After our most recent governance vote in which a whopping 99.99% of voters elected to call our Ambassador program the Dragon Riders, we are thrilled to introduce it! (Dragon Riders was our favorite choice too!) If you’re one of QuickSwap’s many active and engaged community members and you want … Read more

*Action Required* QuickSwap Will Start Paying Liquidity Mining Rewards in dQUICK: What does that…

QuickSwap Official Just now·5 min read TL; DR: A recent governance vote revealed that over 99% of voters favored having their earned QUICK automatically staked to immediately begin earning compound interest. Following our one week delay, QuickSwap is back on track to start issuing liquidity mining rewards in the form of $dQUICK, beginning today, October … Read more

Polygon Just Gave Us a $1 Million Early Birthday Present!

QuickSwap Official Just now·2 min read TL, DR: QuickSwap will be one year old this month! To celebrate, and help bootstrap some additional liquidity onto the DEX, Polygon has provided us with $1 million in $MATIC to offer dual farming rewards for select pairs — similar to the campaign they funded that helped Aave grow … Read more