A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Diversified Digital Asset Portfolio

AscendEX Support Jan 11 · 2 min read The Basics When creating an investment portfolio, traders should be familiar with the concepts of asset allocation and diversification. Diversification relates to the distribution of your investment funds across different assets or sectors within the digital asset markets (ie. DeFi, GameFi, Stablecoins, Altcoins, etc). Technically, cryptocurrencies are … Read more

The Lambo contest on the home stretch

Waves.Exchange Oct 13 · 2 min read The contest is drawing to a close, and the lucky winner of a Lamborghini Huracan will be announced soon. Six months ago, Waves.Exchange launched a new product, Lambo Investments. In addition to an attractive return on investment in USDT or USDC (about 63% APY), anyone who invested even … Read more

WX investment power in your hands

Waves.Exchange Sep 23 · 2 min read We are proud to present our new mobile app — WX Invest for iOS and Android — which is set to make investments on Waves.Exchange more accessible and convenient than ever. We know that all of you have been waiting for an opportunity to invest on Waves.Exchange from … Read more

Introducing the Sushi Incubator: Steer Finance

Welcome to the Sushi Incubator and it’s first project, Steer Finance! Steer Finance shows incredible promise, as well as an ethos that aligns with Sushi’s primary objective of making DeFi accessible to a mass audience. The technical difficulty and seemingly high barrier of entry to DeFi often discourages earnest user-level interaction, and gives firepower to critics. … Read more

Top 5 most explosive coins of 2021

Exolix Exchange Dec 11, 2020·4 min read We are approaching 2021. The sphere of cryptocurrency no longer causes as much mistrust and skepticism as it did a couple of years ago. Nowadays it is obvious that the digital currency will take a significant place in the global economy due to its conceptual and functional value. … Read more