Bancor 3 Roll-Out Update

It’s been a busy few weeks since we started the phased roll-out of Bancor 3. Here’s an update on the latest developments and the road to fully releasing the first phase of Bancor 3. Recently the Bancor community hosted an AMA discussing the 3 roll-out. Listen to the full discussion: Highlights Over 2,000 users have … Read more

The Bancorian Brief | May 4th, 2022

💻 Development We are in the third week of the Bancor 3 Beta which is open to the community for participation (guide). It has been proposed to end the Beta and launch the full version of Bancor 3 early, on May 11, due to the community’s confidence in the code and the performance of the Beta. … Read more

Bancor 3 Beta Status Update: Cycle 1

Bancor 3 Beta has been live since April 19th and we will be sharing Beta Status Updates with each new cycle leading up to the full release planned for May. Per the BIP16 Beta proposal, capacity for token deposits are being gradually increased and roughly doubled every four-day cycle. $1m TVL reached Capacity for token deposits is being … Read more

The Bancorian Brief | April 19th, 2022

💻 Development The Bancor 3 beta has now launched and is available for the community to participate in. This will allow us to test the smart contracts in a live environment before the full release goes live in May (subject to change according to auditing and testing) after the beta period has concluded. We have … Read more

$1 Million Bancor 3 Bug Bounty & Code Release

As the launch of Bancor 3 approaches, we’re excited to release the Bancor 3 code and announce the start of the Bancor 3 Bug Bounty Program! The security of Bancor is paramount and the Bug Bounty aims to incentivize responsible disclosures of any bugs in the new contracts. Rewards are allocated based on the severity of … Read more

The Bancorian Brief |April 4th, 2022

The Bancorian Brief | April 4th, 2022 💻 Development We are planning to release the Bancor 3 code to the public within the next two weeks. The full code will be available on our Github, and in conjunction with the code release, we’re also launching a $1m dollar bug bounty program. We are currently working with … Read more

The Bancorian Brief | March 22nd, 2022

💻Development The current Bancor 3 smart contracts are under review by PeckShield with an estimated completion time in the first week of April. No major issues have been uncovered and the current focus is on the withdrawal logic which has some complex math involved. In addition to PeckShied, OpenZeppelin will start code review this week … Read more

1inch adds a P2P feature

The P2P order functionality enables users to do trustless and secure p2p swaps. Continuing to expand the scope of DeFi services offered to users, the 1inch Network is happy to introduce a P2P feature, which facilitates secure crypto swaps between individual users. Demand for this kind of service has been there for quite a while, … Read more

The Bancorian Brief | February 8th, 2022

💻Development Work progressing on the B3 contracts Finalizing details of the public bug bounty and will announce it soon We will share more info on the proposed B3 roll-out and migration plan ahead of the release We can say now that the plan is to do a public review of the open-source code in conjunction with a … Read more