Blockchain: the resilient technology in the crypto world

Poloniex Jun 28 · 5 min read In recent years, the global economic outlook has become uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital disruption, and geopolitical developments which make drastic changes in global businesses and financial markets, let alone changing people’s day-to-day lives. In the age of uncertainty, the development of digital innovations including cryptocurrencies, … Read more

QuickSwap Governance Proposal: Should We Introduce an Isolated Lending & Borrowing Market?

QuickSwap Official Jun 23 · 6 min read After a few days of discussion in our Reddit forum and across social platforms, QuickSwap is introducing a governance vote to ask if we should introduce an Isolated Lending and Borrowing Market natively on QuickSwap. TL; DR: Earlier this week, we opened a discussion forum asking our … Read more

Introducing DragonFi: Your One-Stop Shop for DeFi on Polygon

QuickSwap Official Jun 22 · 6 min read Presenting — at long last — QuickSwap’s tentative roadmap. The world of DeFi moves fast, but lately, dragons are outpacing it. Today, we’re presenting to you not only a tentative roadmap, but also declaring our intent to build out QuickSwap’s DragonFi Ecosystem as a one-stop shop for … Read more

The DODO Journal #21 (Jun 1, 2022 — Jun 15, 2022)

A new issue of the DODO Journal is here! Despite the market, DODO is still growing and expanding into new markets and niches. Have a look at our exciting updates below… DODO Now Supports Brave Wallet A huge update: DODO is one of the first dApps that supports the new Brave Wallet! Whatever wallet you … Read more

Vite Bi-weekly Report

Vite Biz Dev Comms Jun 18 · 3 min read Jun 1–15, 2022 Project Updates The Economic Model of Vite Vite Labs CEO Charles Liu recently wrote an article about The Economic Model of Vite. In this article, Charles addresses the following key topics: Issues in the Current Fee Model Who Foots The Bill Certainty … Read more

ViteX Gateway Incentive Plan

Joel Yang Jun 17 · 4 min read Updated June 17, 2022 The purpose of this revision is to help Gateways operate from first principles and realize the inherent benefits of running a Gateway and being an Operator. These inherent benefits are 1. Collecting trading fees as the Operator that lists the trading pair; 2. … Read more

Join Vite Labs: Social Media Manger

Vite Biz Dev Comms Jun 16 · 1 min read Looking for a thoughtful English writer for our social media! Vite Labs is hiring for an entry level Social Media Manager to work with our team to develop our Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platform engagement. If you have thoughtful English writing skills, are … Read more