Vite Biweekly Report

November 16–30, 2021 Vite Biz Dev Comms Dec 1 · 4 min read Project Updates Check Out Our New Roadmap Have you visited recently? Make sure you do so you can check out our full roadmap with quarterly plans for 2022. Check out the tweet below from our Chief Product Officer Blackey Hou. Vite’s … Read more

Let’s Sample Some Flavors: SundaeSwap Testnet Announcement!

SundaeSwap Labs Just now·3 min read We’re overjoyed to announce that our testnet will launch on the evening (EST) of Sunday, December 5th. The rest of this article will explore what to expect, and how to get involved! A testnet serves a number of purposes. First and foremost, to identify any bugs that come from … Read more

Bitcoin Full Node Guide: Securing Self-Sovereignty

The beauty of the Bitcoin network is that anyone can participate in it without permission. However, primarily out of convenience, most Bitcoin users don’t run nodes and instead trust third parties such as centralized exchanges and wallet providers to interact with the network on their behalf. This approach comes with notable tradeoffs, including reduced privacy … Read more

Weekly Roundup | Nov. 13 — Nov. 19, 2021

AscendEX Support Nov 19 · 2 min read Our One Minute Digest Nov. 13, 2021 — Nov. 19, 2021 Platform Update AscendEX launched perpetual futures contracts for SHIB-Perp and FTM-Perp with available leverage up to 20x. AscendEX launched “Convert” function for PC & APP clients, enabling users to trade multiple asset pairs at the market … Read more

SundaeSwap’s ISO SPO Vote Post Mortem

SundaeSwap Labs Just now·5 min read SundaeSwap Labs has always strived to be as transparent as we can, and now that the ISO Stake Pool Operator vote has concluded, we’d like to share our learnings and lessons from the process. Originally, the ISO SPO vote was designed to support dApp enabled wallets only. However, that … Read more

Meet Your SundaeSwap Scoopers!

SundaeSwap Labs Just now·2 min read Epoch 302 has ended and with it, the Stake Pool Operator (SPO) and scooper vote. We at SundaeSwap want to extend a warm thank you to all who took part. Over the past few days we have tallied up the votes and counted an astounding total of nearly 1.6 … Read more

Vite Bi-weekly Report

Nov 1–15, 2021 Vite Biz Dev Comms Nov 16 · 5 min read Project Updates ViteBridge Update We recently shared a tweet with an update on ViteBridge. Testing is happening. More updates coming soon. The “Saturn” Upgrade on the Vite Mainnet The Vite mainnet will undergo the 6th upgrade this November. With the code name … Read more

Taproot: What to expect?

WhiteBIT Nov 12 · 2 min read Taproot is the first significant Bitcoin update since SegWit, scheduled for November 2021. What is interesting about the Taproot upgrade is that it has almost unanimous support from the crypto community. In contrast, the disputes around the update in 2017 resulted in the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. If … Read more