Trading for ALICE, AUDIO, BICO, ENS, GALA, IMX, KP3R, MC, WOO, YGG Starts February 25 – Deposit Now!

We’re thrilled to announce that Kraken now supports My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Audius (AUDIO), Biconomy (BICO), Ethereum Naming Service (ENS), Gala Games (GALA), Immutable X (IMX),  Keep3r (KP3R), Merit Circle (MC), Woo Network (WOO) and Yield Guild Games (YGG)! Funding and Trading Funding is live, and trading will begin on February 25. Keep an eye … Read more

What is NFT tokens ?

What is NFT crypto and why do people pay so much attention to it? First of all, the popularity of NFTs crypto can be explained by impressive trading volumes. For example, just in February 2021 NFT trading volume was $340 million. This amount is more than the trading volume for the whole year of 2020.Though … Read more