AMA Transcript | DATA

WhiteBIT Oct 2 · 4 min read Q: Could you please tell us about your team? What is your background in the crypto field, and how many people are currently working in data? A: Sure. Streamr’s founders started the project in 2017, and since then, we have grown to a team size of about 30 … Read more

AMA Transcript | XTZ

WhiteBIT Aug 13 · 3 min read Q: Could you tell us about the project? A: Tezos is a decentralized public blockchain and smart contract platform that is designed to evolve. It is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications, backed by a global community of validators, researchers, … Read more

AMA Transcript | OCTA

WhiteBIT Aug 5 · 6 min read Q: Please, tell me about the Octa Market. As far as I understand, it will be a store where you can buy licensed goods. Is it true, or will there be something else? Could you tell me how the store and delivery will work? A: Our market will … Read more

AMA Transcript | Tycoon (TYC)

WhiteBIT May 16 · 5 min read Q: Share your story of Tycoon project creation. What new things do you want to bring to the crypto world? A: Back in 2017/2018, we saw that there is a huge gap in the market when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, especially for newbies. After searching for a … Read more

AMA Transcript | Aeneas (ASH)

WhiteBIT May 15 · 3 min read Q: Share your story of Aeneas creation. What new things do you want to bring to the crypto world? A: We wanted to bring innovation with practical implementation (political usage) since 2017. We also want to give new power to people and involve them in political crowdfunding like … Read more

AMA with DOV | Transcript

WhiteBIT Apr 24 · 4 min read Q: You call yourself an Eco-friendly project. Tell us, please, how exactly do you plan to use blockchain technology to protect the environment? A: Our Utility token, DOV, is an ERC20 token. To achieve one of our goals to offset all crypto transactions, we felt it important to … Read more

AMA with DOGIRA | Transcript

WhiteBIT Just now·8 min read Q: How did you get the idea to combine a dog and a dinosaur, and what should this symbolize? A: A big part of “Dogira” was: “What shows that we want to develop something which makes Cryptocurrency fun for the average person again but also has far bigger plans than … Read more

AMA with STON | Transcript

WhiteBIT Apr 17 · 8 min read We have chatted to the representatives of STON, a digital currency that is claimed to facilitate the mass adoption of crypto by connecting diverse communities with service providers. Check out the transcript of our joint AMA provided below! Q: On your website and in the whitepaper, you emphasize … Read more