Binance Exchange Adds Support for Australian and Taiwanese Fiat Currencies

Binance announced on Tuesday that it had added support for two new fiat currencies, the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) and the Australian Dollar (AUD). As per the official announcement on the website, the new currencies will be available for P2P trading against BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, BUSD, and EOS. #Binance P2P Adds Support for New … Read more

Binance Announces 8th Round of ‘Binance Community Coin Vote’

Crypto exchange Binance announced the 8th round of the ‘Binance Community Vote’ on Monday. The community will vote in Round 8 to choose between SWFT Coin (SWFTC) and Chromia (CHR). As per the official post on the Binance website, the voting will go live for 24 hours, starting at 4:00 am on May 06, 2020. … Read more

How Curve hacked Curve

In March, a sUSD incentivized pool was launched with Synthetix. The trial was overwhelmingly successful as, while having smaller value in the pool, the pool was providing a much deeper liquidity than sETH/ETH Uniswap pool. However, on April 20th (was it only a week ago?), we (Angel and I) have found that there is a … Read more

Binance Announces Up to 10% Cashback on Purchases via “Pay with Bank Card” Service

World’s largest crypto exchange Binance announced on Saturday that the users would get up to 10% cashback on all the crypto purchases made via the “Pay with Bank Card” service. The users will get daily bonuses on a first-come, first-serve basis, the details of which were further given in the tweet: Up to 10% Cashback … Read more

Balancer is Live 🎉

Balancer is officially live on mainnet! After publishing the whitepaper in September, we have been heads down building the contracts, interfaces, libraries, and more the past 6 months. The contracts were officially deployed in February however we spent the last few weeks running our bug bounty program along with a closed beta to gather feedback from early … Read more

Balancer Labs Raises $3M to Supercharge Programmable Liquidity

The Balancer Labs team is a lean team with large ambitions. We’ve been building, researching, and immersed in DeFi since its earliest days and are thrilled to be launching a new primitive to the world of decentralized finance. We couldn’t be more excited to also share the closing of our seed round: Accomplice and Placeholder led the round with … Read more

80/20 Balancer Pools

One of the main motivations behind Balancer Protocol is to allow AMMs (automated market makers) to fully utilize idle capital even if it is not evenly spread across different tokens. Today anyone can provide liquidity using Uniswap pools, with the requirement that the value provided with the ERC20 token is the same as the value … Read more

Balancer Contracts are Open-Sourced

After several months of heavy development we are excited to announce Balancer core contracts are now open-sourced at: The bronze release deliberately favors clarity, security, and conservativeness over any gas optimizations. For more details on the math approximations and solidity implementation, check out the docs at: We have worked with Trail of Bits throughout the … Read more

Building Liquidity Into Token Distribution

This is a continuation of a series of articles on Balancer where we highlight the flexibility of the protocol, specifically the concept of smart pools. Smart pools are controlled / private pools that are owned by a smart contract which enables any sort of arbitrary logic to be built. Balancer Labs plans to design several templates … Read more