How DAOs & Token Projects Can Use Bancor 3 To Drive Healthy Liquidity

With Bancor 3, DAOs and token projects are able to build a valuable source of community-funded liquidity that is provided by real token holders (rather than professional market-makers or mercenary yield farmers), enabling a safer, more sustainable and more profitable place to deepen on-chain liquidity while generating passive, protected yield exclusively in their native token. Here’s … Read more

Bancor 3, The Ultimate DeFi Liquidity Solution, Is Live!

Putting DeFi liquidity back in the hands of DAOs and their token holders. TL;DR: Bancor 3 is live today! Visit the brand new app to try out trading and staking on the new protocol! The protocol is initially launching with four tokens — ETH, LINK, DAI and BNT. 150+ supported tokens will be coming online soon. Bancor 3 is … Read more

Synthetix Steps into the Ring – First Athletic Sponsorship

Synthetix is stepping into the ring with its newest Spartan, Linn Sandstrom, an Australian female boxer with a story of her own to tell. We’re sponsoring @SandstromBoxer, in her fight for the WBC Australasia Title. Linn wasn’t always a Boxer. She started her athletic career playing professional table tennis in Sweden and recently transitioned into … Read more