The Bancorian | Jan 23 2022

💻Development Bancor 3 is coming along quite well and our target date is Q1 of 2022. A big part of Bancor 3 Phase I is instant IL protection. Instant IL protection allows LPs to be covered on day one so that they no longer have to wait 100 days to get 100% ILP (impermanent loss … Read more

Proof of alignment

What we’ve already done to align ourselves with our customers, and what we’re doing next. By Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer Coinbase is committed to providing a fair, transparent and equal experience across our suite of trading products. We take a number of steps to ensure this, including: We do not coordinate asset listing decisions … Read more

FRAKT aims to build an NFT-DeFi ecosystem for NFT collectors, investors and creators — Serum…

“Our ambition is to be anyone’s go-to platform when it comes to benefiting from all that NFTs and DeFi have to offer. We bring powerful tools to each Solana community to achieve any of their goals, be it community empowerment, create liquidity or reward mechanisms for their participants… sky’s the limit” … As NFT continued … Read more

Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 17- 23 January

Biswap Just now·9 min read Hello, Biswappers! Biswap platform had a very productive and exciting week! Robi is very thrilled to share the list of events and fantastic news. Join us as we take a look at the Biswap growth! Biswap GameFi Vouchers on Binance NFT Marketplace | 2K Vouchers Sold Out! Biswap has launched … Read more

Biswap & Meta 17:17 | Meet Robi in The Sandbox Metaverse!

Biswap Just now·3 min read Are you ready to meet Robi in The Sandbox Metaverse? Biswap keeps spreading all over the crypto world, so it’s high time to shed light on one more powerful integration! We want to gladly present our new friend Meta 17:17! The Meta 17:17 project cooperates with top DEFI projects and … Read more

Kraken Daily Market Report for January 21 2022

Overview Total spot trading volume at $2.21 billion, the 30 day average is $1.06 billion. Total futures notional at $601.4 million. The top traded coins were, respectively, Bitcoin (-10%), Ethereum (-14%), Tether (0%), USDC (0%), and Solana (-12%). Markets moved unfavorably with most coins having double-digit losses. January 21, 2022  $2.21B traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP, CHF, AUD  BTC $36468. ↓10% $693.8M ETH $2569.3 ↓14% $531.3M USDT $1.0003 ↑0.03% $401.8M USDC $1.0 ↑0.0% $90.8M SOL $112.38 ↓12% $75.7M … Read more

Polkadex Crowdloan Partners with Parallel Finance

Polkadex Crowdloan contributors on Parallel Finance not only get PDEX rewards, but also liquid DOT & extra rewards thanks to our newest crowdloan partner! The Polkadex Crowdloan is now live and the Polkadex team is excited to announce our latest partnership. In order to enhance the Crowdloan experience and increase the overall rewards pool, Polkadex … Read more

Weekly Roundup | Jan. 15 — Jan. 21, 2021

AscendEX Support Jan 21 · 2 min read Our One Minute Digest Jan. 15, 2021 — Jan. 21, 2021 Platform Update AscendEX is launching the “Beginner’s Rewards” program, a service designed specifically for newly registered users on the platform. AscendEX listed Solanium (SLIM) on January 20. Solanium is a decentralized platform for fundraising and trading … Read more

Wanswap DEX & WanLend 2021: The Recap (Part 1 of 2)

DeFi Money-Printer Jan 21 · 3 min read the Road Ahead for 2022. $WASP #Waspers $WAND #WanLenders Waspers & WanLenders! it’s DeFi Money-Printer aka DeFi FUD-Destroyer bringing the updates you’ve all been waiting for! Before we get to the good news coming, let’s reflect on what’s been accomplished over the past few months. (time to … Read more