Join Synopsis 2022 with EXMO

Enjoy full immersion in the decentralised finance and digital economy with Synopsis 4 – a three-day international conference offering a plethora of lively panel discussions, personal appearances, AMAs and interviews. Register Maria Stankevich, CBDO at EXMO, besides being the host, will deliver a keynote speech about major crypto trends of 2022. Over 30 industry headliners … Read more

Addressing the CardStarter Community

The SundaeSwap team has for the past few days been very concerned about the CardStarter investor community and their disappointment with not being part of the SundaeSwap DEX at launch or receiving any SUNDAE as rewards. For the past many months and continuing until today, SundaeSwap had been engaging with CardStarter on expanding our relationship … Read more

WETH/SNX Incentives on L2

We’re excited to announce a new round of incentives for WETH/SNX on Optimistic Ethereum. Synthetix will partner with Gelato to leverage G-UNI pools that enable rewards for liquidity providers. 60,000 SNX will be distributed for one month to WETH/SNX liquidty providers, with the possibility to extend after an impact assessment. Here is a tutorial that … Read more

FRAKT aims to build an NFT-DeFi ecosystem for NFT collectors, investors and creators — Serum…

“Our ambition is to be anyone’s go-to platform when it comes to benefiting from all that NFTs and DeFi have to offer. We bring powerful tools to each Solana community to achieve any of their goals, be it community empowerment, create liquidity or reward mechanisms for their participants… sky’s the limit” … As NFT continued … Read more

Loaded Lions Twitter Launch Giveaway Winner Announcement

Here is the full list of 100 winners of our Loaded Lions Twitter Launch Giveaway: @ShanmugamMalini @AleCatta88 @erdi5899 @RobertVincentN1 @rongguy @zihui1993 @TomekKSC @natalielimst @alonemidnigth @wille573 @Goku202101 @BBBOMBAROLO @AMagneto_ @hock_moi @Fedelook#3952 @RFCryptoStudies @Giorinex_ @Davincevid @CybGee @TheamJulius @kasupachan @BigOunce12 @itsme19819437 @0xbenji @JHawley05 @arrppaa @TheRealArunDias @Lanphes @EddiT212 @nft_cane @Crypmer @theheyyoo @ItalianHustler9 @JameyStamper @nikonom7 @smsureshmkss @isimonsayz @Spring8613 @skoczy01 @PetriSummanen … Read more

76ers Legacy 06: Stolen Goods

Collect to earn exclusive memorabilia and experiences Jointly launched by the Philadelphia 76ers and, “76ers Legacy 06: Stolen Goods” is the sixth drop in the 76ers Legacy Collection series. This series showcases 13 officially licensed commemorative tickets highlighting iconic games and moments that took place during the ‘Philadelphia Spectrum’ era of basketball. Drop Period: … Read more

Serum Newsletter #58

Project Serum Just now·2 min read Welcome, everyone, to Serum Newsletter #58! Yet another week of eye-catching headlines and updates throughout the Serum and Solana ecosystems. Things are never the same for too long. It can be a lot, trying to try and keep up. That’s where or newsletter comes in. We hope you’ll enjoy … Read more

Results of the EXMO merch design contest

According to the terms and conditions of the contest, among all the participants who developed an original EXMO merch design, we have selected the winner whose design was considered best. Congratulations to the winner – wg*****ve! As a reward, you will receive 1,000 EXM and the merch you have developed. We will contact you via … Read more