Introducing DFYN Yield Farming Phase 8

Dfyn Network Just now·5 min read As the seventh phase of incentivized liquidity mining program on comes to an end, we are thrilled to announce the eighth phase of yield farming initiative on The team at has been working on a number of exciting new things, be it Dfyn Fusion, or the … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Dual Farming On QuickSwap

QuickSwap Official Just now·5 min read TL;DR: Dual farming yields rewards in two crypto assets and often increases profits QuickSwap has launched dual farming rewards for select Matic pairs Liquidity providers to select pools will receive rewards in both $MATIC and $QUICK Learn how to receive LP rewards in both QUICK and MATIC today Everyone … Read more

Welcoming Sandeep Nailwal — Polygon’s Co-Founder — to QuickSwap’s Advisory Board

QuickSwap Official Just now·4 min read TL;DR: In our recent governance vote, over 97% of QuickSwap’s community voted to bring Sandeep Nailwal onto our advisory board We’re thrilled that so much of the community agreed with our proposal and officially welcome Sandeep to the QuickSwap family We’re confident that in his official advisory role, Sandeep … Read more

QuickSwap is Sponsoring Chainlink Price Feeds to Expand QUICK’s DeFi Utility

QuickSwap Official Just now·6 min read TL; DR: QuickSwap has sponsored two new Chainlink Price Feeds for QUICK/USD & QUICK/ETH, enabling DeFi applications to add functionality for our native token This is the first step of many in a long-term incorporation with Chainlink and the many decentralized services it provides Integrating with Chainlink equips QUICK … Read more

Polygon Just Gave Us a $1 Million Early Birthday Present!

QuickSwap Official Just now·2 min read TL, DR: QuickSwap will be one year old this month! To celebrate, and help bootstrap some additional liquidity onto the DEX, Polygon has provided us with $1 million in $MATIC to offer dual farming rewards for select pairs — similar to the campaign they funded that helped Aave grow … Read more

Help Name QuickSwap’s Ambassadors: A Governance Vote

QuickSwap Official Just now·3 min read TL;DR: To help increase QuickSwap’s exposure and involve our community, we’re launching an Ambassador program Selected Applicants will be rewarded in $QUICK for contributing to QuickSwap’s education, marketing, and outreach efforts Help us name the program to determine what our ambassadors are called In our governance vote, choose between: … Read more

The 1inch Network is integrated into Dharma

All swaps on the popular Ethereum wallet are now powered by 1inch. The 1inch Network is thrilled to announce that the 1inch API has been integrated into the Ethereum wallet Dharma to power its swap functionality. Now, users’ trades on Dharma will be executed via 1inch, including buying tokens from a bank account, selling tokens … Read more

Into the vDfyn vault: How it differs from other staking vaults?

Dfyn Network Just now·4 min read We recently launched a vDfyn vault that allows the Dfyn community members to stake their $DFYN tokens and earn a share of the protocol fees in return. As anticipated, the vDfyn vault has proved to be a hit amongst the community with over 1350 users staking their Dfyn tokens … Read more

Dfyn Governance Vote 2: Index Token with Amun

Dfyn Network Just now·2 min read Amun / 21Shares has approached Dfyn to include $DFYN in their Polygon index token. We’re forwarding this proposal to the community to vote on whether to approve this partnership. As part of the deal, Dfyn would provide $880,000 in $DFYN to seed the index. Dfyn would then receive an … Read more

You Voted; We Listened! QuickSwap Will Pay Liquidity Mining Rewards in dQUICK

QuickSwap Official Just now·3 min read TL; DR: 99.72% of QUICK holders recently voted to have QuickSwap pay liquidity mining rewards in dQUICK instead of QUICK This change will impact all of QuickSwap’s liquidity providers, stakers, and token holders in several ways QuickSwap will begin paying liquidity mining rewards in dQUICK on Wednesday, September 29th … Read more