Injective is Integrating with Stacks to Enable Fully Decentralized Bitcoin Derivatives

We’re integrating with the Stacks blockchain to bring fully decentralized Bitcoin derivatives to Injective. Our goal is to create a vibrant multi-chain ecosystem that is entirely decentralized. On Injective, users have the ability to create and trade unlimited derivatives that originate from distinct blockchain networks. With our Stacks collaboration, Injective will be able to launch … Read more

Dfyn Announces Partnership With Kattana

Dfyn Network Just now·2 min read We are excited to announce that Kattana, a cutting-edge trading terminal, has added Dfyn to the list of its supported exchanges. The move follows Kattana’s long-awaited integration with Polygon, set to bring a whole set of new benefits to the community. Known as the “Bloomberg Terminal of DeFi,” Kattana … Read more

Injective Collaborates with MDEX to Enable Liquidity Mining for INJ

We are excited to announce a new strategic collaboration with MDEX. This will provide INJ holders with the opportunity to accelerate their earning potential through INJ staking and liquidity mining on MDEX. Currently, users can earn MDX by staking INJ-BUSD LP tokens on MDEX’s BSC network. Background MDEX is a decentralized swap protocol based on … Read more

Injective is Integrating Near Protocol to Expand our Multi-Chain Trading Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce that Injective will be integrating with NEAR Protocol to expand our multi-chain trading universe. Our mission at Injective is to create a more free and inclusive financial system through decentralization. We aim to deliver a novel decentralized multi-chain ecosystem that acts as a global and borderless network of market exposure. … Read more

INJ will be Available to Over 10 Million Users on

Injective (INJ) will be listed on, enabling access to over 10 million users. provides their users with a powerful alternative to traditional financial services through the App, the Visa Card, the Exchange and DeFi Wallet. All users of will be able to trade INJ using a diverse array … Read more

Injective is Collaborating with Dvision to Launch NFTs in the Metaverse

We’re excited to announce that Injective is collaborating with Dvision Network to explore the opportunity of launching NFT future contracts for items created in the metaverse. The primary purpose of launching future contracts for NFTs is to enable users to capitalize on NFT sale prices, thereby allowing them to take part in NFT prediction markets. … Read more

Reflexer will Integrate the RAI Stablecoin with Injective's Derivatives Protocol

Reflexer will be integrating the RAI stablecoin with Injective, making us the first decentralized derivatives exchange to support RAI. Reflexer is a platform where anyone can use their crypto collateral to issue reflex indexes. Reflex indexes are stable assets that are not pegged to anything, very similar to how the US Dollar is not pegged … Read more

Vite Labs x Harmony Partnership Update

Joel Yang May 5 · 2 min read We are excited to announce that Vite Labs and Harmony are deepening our partnership to bring cross-chain solutions to a whole new level! Since the inception of our partnership with Harmony, both of our communities have seen tremendous growth. We are both dedicated to developing cross-chain solutions … Read more

Injective Partners with UMA to Launch Innovative Synthetic Products

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with UMA to launch innovative synthetic products. By integrating with Injective’s decentralized derivatives exchange, synthetic assets on UMA can be made available to our users moving forward. Notable synthetics that we plan to introduce include uGas, a solution for hedging against Ethereum gas fees. In addition, we plan … Read more

Vite Labs x Ankr Partnership Update

Joel Yang Apr 29 · 2 min read We are excited to announce that Vite Labs and Ankr are taking a step further in our partnership! Since the listing of the ANKR/BTC trading pair on ViteX, we have seen tremendous growth in the cross-chain space. With the launch of ViteBridge, many projects will soon gain … Read more