Everyone a Holder: Initiatives to Bring More Users into the DODOverse

Here at DODO, we have one primary objective: to provide users with the best trading experience in the DeFi sphere. The entire DODO team is constantly working towards making this vision a reality, but it wouldn’t be possible without the most critical element of the DODO platform — our users, affectionately known as CommanDODOs. DODO … Read more

The DODO Journal #12 (Jan 3, 2022 — Jan 16, 2022)

DODO Minions Trading & Creation Now Live The DODO “NFTs for Animals” campaign was in full swing with the NFT ‘Minions’ being distributed in an airdrop. A liquidity mining program for these NFTs was launched as well, and the NFTs and NFT components became available for sale on January 12. You can now assemble and … Read more

Solana OTC Protocol Live on Bounce!

Bounce.finance Just now·2 min read We told you this was coming, in our start-of-year update, well here it is already. Today we have launched our Solana OTC Protocol on Bounce and it’s already live on our production system, waiting for you to give it a go! But first, for those of you who aren’t aware … Read more

Bounce: Why the Freelancers market?

Bounce.finance Just now·3 min read When we first started Bounce, the goal was to provide applications to build strong peer-to-peer relationships via an on-chain application. The nature of this relationship could be productivity, financial or entertainment. As part of this vision we delivered the Bounce permission-less OTC and Auction platform, which serves as on-chain execution … Read more

An Introduction to Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain Protocols

AscendEX Support Jan 11 · 3 min read Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 In the ever-growing world of blockchain, the term “scaling” refers to an incremental change in a system’s throughput rate, as measured by the number of transactions performed per second. With the increasing use of digital assets, it has now become necessary to … Read more

The DODO NFTs for Animals Tutorial

January 6, 11:00 PM SGT: Participants who received whitelist airdrop will be able to purchase DODO Minions (check if you have been whitelisted here). January 8th, 12:00 PM SGT: Participants who participated in the mining campaigns will be able to purchase DODO Minions. January 12th, 12:00 PM SGT: Public sale of DODO Minions and components … Read more

Bounce Progress Update 2022 #01

Bounce.finance Just now·2 min read Happy New Year, everyone! We’d like to kick off 2022 with some exciting updates from the Bounce team, sharing progress with the project and what you can expect from us in the short term! Bounce Solana The auction “Fixed Swap” function has been completed, and the pre-launch test is now … Read more

The DODO Journal #11 (Dec 20, 2021 — Jan 2, 2022)

DODO Aurora Liquidity Mining & Trading Campaign DODO and Aurora have partnered to provide more than $7.5M in trading and liquidity mining incentives when using DODO on the Aurora mainnet. This comes as the beginning of our “blue chip” partnership with the NEAR Protocol, the L1 chain for which Aurora is the EVM compatibility solution. … Read more

How to Earn DNA Tokens

DODO is launching our NFTs for Animals charity campaign, and you don’t want to miss it! To be part of the fun, you’ll need to get some DNA tokens. The following are three ways to do just that. Join an official DODO community (EN Discord, CN Discord, JP Telegram). Find and submit the Airdrop whitelist … Read more

Introducing the NFTs for Animals Campaign

To welcome the upcoming New Year, the DODO team is launching the NFTs for Animals Campaign in January 2022, marking the beginning of DODO’s first foray into the non-profit Metaverse space. People are tired of many NFT owners’ superiority complexes. Expensive NFT avatars with “high-value” traits have become an aristocratic symbol for crypto millionaires and … Read more