Introducing DODO’s Updated Roadmap (Q4 2021 to 2022)

DODO Oct 15 · 2 min read We are excited to share DODO’s vision for the next three quarters in our bid to be the best decentralized trading protocol for Web3. There are several aspects to this mission: to create the best user experience for traders and market makers, to provide the best liquidity, and … Read more

DODO Spotlight Series: Catching Up with Our CMO, Diane Dai

DODO Oct 13 · 7 min read As one of the youngest founders in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, DODO co-founder and CMO Diane Dai has faced her share of interesting situations. In a recent interview with Authority Magazine, she said that people sometimes mistake her for an intern–backstage. At one industry event, someone even … Read more

The Coinbase Ventures Guide to NFTs

Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures sheds light on key trends in crypto. In this edition, Justin Mart, Connor Dempsey, and Ejaaz Ahamadeen lay out what’s behind the growth of NFT markets. In 2020, a little over $200 million in NFTs changed hands. This February saw more volume than the entire year prior, with $340 … Read more

NFTb X Bounce | Exploring the Possibilities of NFT-Driven Communities Just now·2 min read Bounce Finance is excited to announce our strategic partnership with NFTb, the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Under this partnership Bounce Finance and NFTb will explore opportunities to conduct joint business development activities to ensure that launchpad partners are able to access IDO and INO services from … Read more

CryptoCard Collection #3 – Cronos Hearts

We hope you’ve been having a blast collecting CryptoCard Diamonds and Clubs? Now, it’s time to hodl some Cronos Hearts! Cronos is the EVM chain running in parallel to the Chain. It aims to massively scale the DeFi ecosystem by providing developers with the ability to instantly port apps from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. … Read more

Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (16) Andrés Pascal ( ToyBoy), the Architect, Musician & Urban…

BakerySwap Just now·5 min read Andrés Pascal — an Architect, Musician, Urban artist, and one of the finest digital artists on the BakerySwap platform shares the story about his journey into the NFT realm, his view about the future of digital arts and his experiences with the platform. The aspect of blockchain technology known as … Read more

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Redefining Digital Scarcity

Non-Fungible Tokens are perhaps the most exciting development in crypto this year. While many believe the future of NFTs to be bright, few understand their value and potential. To separate hype from hard facts, Kraken Intelligence has compiled an in-depth report outlining what they are, how they work, and why they’re valuable. Download “Non-Fungible Tokens … Read more

DODO Announces Partnership with Mao DAO

DODO Sep 29 · 1 min read DODO is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mao DAO, a leading gaming DAO focussing on the play-to-earn space in Asia. This partnership will pave the way for DODO to further explore and realize opportunities between decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Mao DAO Genesis Member … Read more

Proposing an NFT stack on Vite

A simple approach Vite Editor Sep 15 · 2 min read Intro Many Vite community builders have inquired about ways to develop a Vite-based platform that enables minting, auction, and trading of NFTs. This document outlines one approach that seems sensible to the Vite Labs team. Note this is a VERY simple approach. For instance, … Read more

Loot Project: the first community owned NFT gaming platform

Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures sheds light on key trends in crypto. In this edition, Justin Mart and Connor Dempsey explain what Loot Project is and why it’s interesting. Pictured below, is a Loot bag: A text file consisting of 8 phrases overlaid on a black background. As it turns out, this text file … Read more