*Action Required* QuickSwap Will Start Paying Liquidity Mining Rewards in dQUICK: What does that…

QuickSwap Official Just now·5 min read TL; DR: A recent governance vote revealed that over 99% of voters favored having their earned QUICK automatically staked to immediately begin earning compound interest. Following our one week delay, QuickSwap is back on track to start issuing liquidity mining rewards in the form of $dQUICK, beginning today, October … Read more

How to pick the most suitable platform with liquidity pools?

The main task for an investor is to increase their capital and make it work for them. Recently, investing in digital assets has gained enormous popularity as passive income that generates extra cash flow. When it comes to investing in decentralized finance, a liquidity pool is a game-changing innovation that was not commonly known just … Read more

New joint liquidity mining program with Lido

The program starts on September 24, featuring the stETH-DAI pool. We are happy to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program in collaboration with Lido. Providers of liquidity to the stETH-DAI pool will collect 200,000 LDO and 200,000 1INCH tokens in rewards, on top of LP rewards in the pool’s … Read more