Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: How Will the Market Change?

WhiteBIT Sep 21 · 5 min read On the 24th of September, the Bitcoin and Ethereum options for $2,7 billion and $1,4 billion are expected to expire. As this date approaches, price fluctuations may occur in the market. Read on to find out what influences the process, what the MAX PAIN price is, why it … Read more

Market Cycles: Develop a Winning Trading Strategy

WhiteBIT Aug 17 · 3 min read Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, which is why it is so important to choose the right time to buy and sell them. Understanding how market cycles work can help you with that. What is a market cycle? All markets, including the cryptocurrency one, are cyclical. They hit all-time highs … Read more

Types of crypto wallets

WhiteBIT Jul 29 · 4 min read It’s no secret that storing crypto is different from holding fiat money. However, just like bank accounts in the traditional financial industry, crypto wallets play a critical role in protecting assets and personal data. Moreover, a crypto wallet is the first thing that novice traders and investors face … Read more