QuickSwap Governance Proposal: Should We Introduce an Isolated Lending & Borrowing Market?

QuickSwap Official Jun 23 · 6 min read After a few days of discussion in our Reddit forum and across social platforms, QuickSwap is introducing a governance vote to ask if we should introduce an Isolated Lending and Borrowing Market natively on QuickSwap. TL; DR: Earlier this week, we opened a discussion forum asking our … Read more

QuickSwap Governance Discussion: Should We Introduce an Isolated Lending & Borrowing Market?

QuickSwap Official Jun 21 · 6 min read As the bear market of 2022 rages on, QuickSwap must do everything in our power to increase yield opportunities and create additional revenue streams for our dex and its users. Earlier this month, we voted for and implemented a predictions market to accomplish this goal, but we … Read more

Orca’s v0 Governance Launches!

Orca Apr 4 · 4 min read We’ve crossed into step three of our journey to becoming an Apex AMM! Learn about the first version of our governance and what it means for you. Governance v0 is here: ORCA tokenholders can now share their ideas in our brand-new Forums and submit proposals on-chain at governance.orca.so! … Read more

QuickSwap Dragon Dispatch: March 2022 Monthly Newsletter

QuickSwap Official Apr 1 · 5 min read Things are really heating up for QuickSwap! In March, we voted on two of the most important governance decisions yet, many new users adopted our new User Interface, we added several new liquidity pools, and we gave away millions in Dragon’s Syrup, the Dragon’s Lair, and liquidity … Read more

Should QuickSwap Do a Token Split to Make $QUICK More Appealing to Investors?

QuickSwap Official Mar 8 · 7 min read QuickSwap is introducing the first phase in our governance vote about whether or not we should do a token split to make $QUICK — our native governance and utility token — more appealing to investors. TL;DR: Last week, we opened a discussion forum about the possibility of … Read more

QuickSwap Governance Discussion: Let’s Talk About $QUICK

QuickSwap Official · Follow Mar 1 · 7 min read TL; DR: Many hodlers of QuickSwap’s native governance and utility token have suggested that $QUICK is undervalued compared to other similar tokens We would like to start a discussion about the possibility of doing a token split to multiply QUICK’s total supply (currently, QUICK’s max … Read more

You Voted for Freedom & We’re Giving it to You! Changes to QuickSwap’s Rewards Structure

QuickSwap Official Just now·7 min read TL; DR: 95.64% of QUICK and dQUICK holders recently voted to increase stakers’ freedom by separating the Dragon’s Lair from Syrup Pools This change to our rewards structure will impact QUICK and dQUICK stakers in a variety of ways: Separating the Dragon’s Lair from Syrup Pools will give stakers … Read more

Should QuickSwap Increase Stakers’ Freedom by Separating The Dragon’s Lair from Syrup Pools?

QuickSwap Official Just now·6 min read TL; DR: Last week, we introduced a discussion forum about whether QuickSwap should change our rewards structure to separate Dragon’s Lair staking from Syrup Pools. If approved, this would mean that users could either stake their QUICK via the Dragon’s Lair to earn more QUICK or stake their QUICK … Read more