Dfyn is Launching on Fantom

Dfyn Network Just now·4 min read Chain by chain, chain after chain, t’is the season, chain chain…. ​​Dfyn team is excited to announce the launch of Dfyn Exchange on the Fantom blockchain! The expansion of the Dfyn ecosystem to other blockchains is consistent with our vision for a seamless multi-blockchain world, where users can freely … Read more

Strategy Tribes Competition: bringing out the best yield plan on SpiritSwap

SpiritSwap Just now·1 min read Hi SpiritSquad! inSPIRIT was launched just one month ago, and we have already reached close to 100M SPIRIT locked! We are humbled, thanks for all this overwhelming support! It’s all about strategies The mechanism of locking SPIRIT for inSPIRIT opened a multiverse of possibilities and strategies, depending on duration of … Read more

SpiritSwap partners with Starter to deliver a new means of fundraising to Fantom.

SpiritSwap Just now·3 min read With Starter already dominating the launch pad space across Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, they now have their sights set on Fantom as a catalyst for driving growth and adding liquidity across the ecosystem we all share a passion for. SpiritSwap is thrilled to announce our partnership with Starter, which … Read more

Introducing SpiritZap™ — Zapping on SpiritSwap

SpiritSwap Just now·2 min read Hey SpiritSquad! In the last few weeks, our awesome developers have been busy working on many exciting features. As you already know, we are building all the necessary blocks to become a DAO, develop inSPIRIT, and launch our lottery. Let’s not forget that limit orders are also being worked on … Read more

Graviton to propel SPIRIT into the multi-chain

SpiritSwap 4 days ago·3 min read Graviton helping push SPIRIT to other chains! SpiritSwap is pleased to announce a partnership with Graviton! Graviton is a multichain DeFi solution that facilitates cross-chain capabilities for tokens. Not only does Graviton seamlessly wrap assets to make them available cross-chain, it also offers liquidity incentives through Graviton Catalyst. Its … Read more

SpiritSwap: The First Incentivized DEX on Fantom

Exchange tokens, earn with liquidity pools, and farm with this native Fantom DEX. SpiritSwap Apr 19·3 min read Resources: Gitbook: https://app.gitbook.com/@layer3/s/spirit-swap/ Website: https://www.spiritswap.finance/ Github: https://github.com/Layer3Org/SpiritSwap Discord: https://discord.gg/TsrwRP4DJn Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spirit_Swap Why build a DEX on Fantom? Fantom can offer a lot as a smart contract platform: (1) low gas fees (2) short block times (3) more … Read more