The 1inch Limit Order Protocol is released

The innovative protocol will replace a legacy solution from 0x in the 1inch dApp, offering users much more efficient and flexible limit order swap opportunities. The 1inch Network is thrilled to release a unique, innovative solution — the 1inch Limit Order Protocol. The limit order feature enables users to buy or sell crypto assets at … Read more

How the 1inch Network allows users to save on gas

The next post in our series on the advantages of the 1inch Network is focused on how users can save on gas. The 1inch Aggregation Protocol was specifically developed to help retail users exchange tokens at the best rates, including saving on gas fees. Currently, the Ethereum network remains the most popular option for DeFi … Read more

Meet the 1inch Network’s swap API for Polygon

1inch Network May 20 · 1 min read Following a recent expansion to Polygon, the 1inch Labs team released an API for swaps in the network. The 1inch Network’s swap API for Polygon (previously known as Matic) is an innovative aggregating solution that’s clearly ahead of the competition. It offers users faster transactions and improved … Read more

1inch liquidity mining programs extended

The main program will run for four more weeks, from April 14 through May 12. We are thrilled to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to extend the 1inch main liquidity mining program, building on its previous success with users. The same pools will participate in the liquidity mining program, which will run for another four weeks from … Read more

What you should know about Fei

Understanding the risks and mechanisms of the system Bpmontgomery Mar 31 · 4 min read This is the Fei (art by @vmedium & @rodrigosalcedov) FEI is a highly scalable, decentralized, and reserve-backed stablecoin that can meet DeFi’s needs without relying on centralized assets for collateral. We are humbled by the community that has formed around … Read more

A new liquidity mining program with Vesper

Following in the footsteps of a successful 1INCH-VSP liquidity mining program, a similar one will be launched tonight. As the earlier 1INCH-VSP liquidity program turned out to be enormously popular with users, we are thrilled to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program with Vesper, one of the hottest ‘blue … Read more