Orcanauts: Our Donation to DeFi Education

Orca Just now·3 min read 75% of the mint revenue for Orcanauts will be used to develop a DeFi education curriculum for children around the globe! Today, we’re fin-credibly proud to announce that 75% of the revenue from Orcanauts will be used to develop crypto and DeFi education for youth in partnership with Aflatoun International! … Read more

What is the S&P 500?

Read this article in German or Italian. The S&P 500 is one of the best-known and most important stock indices in the world. The index tracks 500 publicly-listed US companies and is used as a benchmark for the overall market as well as an economic indicator. Read this article to learn all about the Standard … Read more

What to know when you are just starting to invest

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Algorand, the carbon-negative protocol in the spotlight

Read this article in German or Italian. Can a blockchain be decentralised, scalable and secure at the same time? And can it also be sustainable? Algorand is the protocol that wants to answer yes to both of these questions, trying to solve the blockchain trilemma while being eco- and user-friendly. Find out what you should … Read more

What are key interest rates?

The economic situation and the climate for investors are significantly influenced by the key interest rates from the central banks. What are the key interest rates and why are they relevant when you invest money? Here is a brief overview of everything you need to know. In reports by financial and economic media, you’ll likely … Read more

Avalanche (AVAX), the platform for fast smart contracts in the spotlight

Smart contracts with the power of an Avalanche – meet the platform that not only lets you launch DApps, but which also allows you to deploy your very own blockchain within minutes. AVAX, the network’s crypto token, is also a speedy mover. Here’s all you need to know about Avalanche. Avalanche in a nutshell The … Read more

What are inflation, stagflation and deflation?

You read about inflation and its effects on economic development and consumers like yourself every day. But, simply put, what is inflation, and what do the terms stagflation and deflation mean? Find out about these three economic phenomena in this article. “Inflation” is one of those terms that you seem to stumble upon almost everywhere, … Read more

Terra (LUNA), the protocol for stablecoins and usability in the spotlight

No matter whether you pay more attention to market cap or price, one crypto has surely been catching your eye lately: Terra (LUNA) has been reaching new heights, joining the 15 biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap and going from less than €1 up to €37 in under a year. Terra (LUNA) in a nutshell Founded … Read more

Solana (SOL), the crypto of scale and speed in the spotlight

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Bitpanda’s favourite podcasts on investing and finance for this autumn

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