The DODO Journal #21 (Jun 1, 2022 — Jun 15, 2022)

A new issue of the DODO Journal is here! Despite the market, DODO is still growing and expanding into new markets and niches. Have a look at our exciting updates below… DODO Now Supports Brave Wallet A huge update: DODO is one of the first dApps that supports the new Brave Wallet! Whatever wallet you … Read more

DODO Minions x GASHO 2.0 Partnership Announcement

Attention CommanDODOs The DODO Team is pleased to announce an official partnership with GASHO 2.0 to deliver more exclusive benefits to DODO minions holders while facilitating more cross-cultural NFT collaboration opportunities between North America and Asia. GASHO 2.0 is an ambitious Japanese project that specializes in turning your NFTs into real arts through their unique … Read more

Review | DEX’s Dream Road

In less than a decade, the decentralized exchange (DEX) went from a paper idea to a budding technology and, ultimately, a fountain of money for the crypto empire. Money flew in and out of here. The popularity of DeFi in 2020 made more people realize the importance of on-chain transactions, and the DEX technology also … Read more

Changes to DODO’s Liquidity Mining Incentives

Good news! DIP-12 was passed by the CommanDODO community. Now, we will be adjusting the incentives for our liquidity pools as described in the DIP-12 specifications. This adjustment will be implemented over the course of several hours starting later today. The reward incentive adjustments will be as follows: Ethereum: WETH-USDC: reduce from 2 DODO/Block to … Read more