Changes to DODO’s Liquidity Mining Incentives

Good news! DIP-12 was passed by the CommanDODO community. Now, we will be adjusting the incentives for our liquidity pools as described in the DIP-12 specifications. This adjustment will be implemented over the course of several hours starting later today. The reward incentive adjustments will be as follows: Ethereum: WETH-USDC: reduce from 2 DODO/Block to … Read more

The DODO Journal #13 (Jan 17, 2022 — Jan 30, 2022)

DODO’s famous Booster Program has recently secured the participation of BLKWhale. This campaign will involve an intense 4-week-long liquidity mining campaign on DODO for the BLK/USDT trading pair. You won’t want to miss it! Liquidity mining campaigns have been the ‘talk of the town’ on DODO lately. From Polygon, to Moonriver, to another campaign round … Read more

DODO Improvement Proposals: Steps to Success

Here at DODO, our top priority is to provide an unparalleled trading experience. Essential to this mission is the contribution of our loyal users. Members of DODO’s ecosystem provide liquidity, participate in Crowdpooling events, and provide feedback that helps drive development. Perhaps the most crucial thing DODO users do is take part in community governance … Read more

DAOs: Social networks that can rewire the world

Exploring the new world of decentralized autonomous organizations Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures sheds light on key trends in crypto. Written by Justin Mart & Connor Dempsey. What the internet did for communication, DAOs can do for capital. The internet and social networks have made it easier for like minded individuals to communicate than … Read more

Decentralized Governance Structures

Checks and balances for lean and trust minimized DAO governance Joey Santoro Dec 8 · 5 min read Governance enables modern society. Governments decide where to allocate tax income and influence the levers that control the flow of value in our economy. Governments currently deliberate behind closed doors — keeping citizens in the dark until … Read more

The road to decentralization

This article marks the official start of 1inch Network governance implementation stage 2! As discussed in earlier articles, the implementation of the 1inch DAO involves two stages: Stage 1: This was kicked off in December 2020 with the initial distribution of 1INCH tokens to protocol users and the launch of Instant Governance. The goal was … Read more

DODO Discord AMA Transcript (Nov 11th)

Hello CommanDODOs, The transcript of the November 11 biweekly discord AMA featured DODO’s CEO Radar Bear and DODO’s NFT Project lead Jordan Zhao is as follows: 1: What are the plans for DODO NFT in regards to public awareness? The launch so far has been pretty low-key. Are there any events planned to generate more … Read more

Future of the Orca Treasury

Orca Team Just now·4 min read How we’ll sail towards a brighter future for your favorite AMM Earlier this week, we published our long-awaited Winter Roadmap, which gave you a peek into our recent developments across Product, Integrations, and Community. Today, we’d like to share one more update: How the Orca Treasury fits into our … Read more