Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: How Will the Market Change?

WhiteBIT Sep 21 · 5 min read On the 24th of September, the Bitcoin and Ethereum options for $2,7 billion and $1,4 billion are expected to expire. As this date approaches, price fluctuations may occur in the market. Read on to find out what influences the process, what the MAX PAIN price is, why it … Read more

⚡️ Say hello to DBX ⚡️

WhiteBIT Sep 20 · 1 min read About: ◾️DBX is a crypto by the project that enables fast & affordable digital asset transfers. ◾️DBX is a decentralized network based on Proof of Stake. Pairs: DBX/USDT. Activities: Trading competition, SMART Staking plan, and AMA. Trade fee-free for a week! WhiteBIT Team

AMA Transcript | LOFI

WhiteBIT Sep 18 · 9 min read Q: You say that LOFI-DEFI is a cryptocurrency focused on supporting artists, musicians, and artisans of all stripes by creating an asset and platform. How do you plan to support creative people, how exactly your products are going to help them and why they should choose you beneath … Read more

Greetings, CPIE

WhiteBIT Sep 16 · 1 min read About: 🔹CPIE is the first token in Polygon Network listed on our exchange. 🔹CPIE aims to enhance the exponential growth of the Polygon system. 🔹It has a maximum supply of 50 Billion CPIE. Pairs: CPIE/USDT. Activities: Trading competition, SMART Staking plan, AMA session. Enjoy fee-free trading for 1 … Read more

Welcome, DATA

WhiteBIT Sep 14 · 1 min read ✔️ DATA is an Ethereum-based asset that is used across the P2P Streamr platform. ✔️ Streamr (DATA) is a project focused on the seamless exchange and monetization of info. ✔️ DATA is paired against BTC and USDT. Trade fee-free for one week! WhiteBIT Team

Say hello to CRYPT!

WhiteBIT Sep 13 · 1 min read About: 🔸CRYPT is a BEP-20 token by The Crypt Space, a one-stop-shop for all crypto and NFT needs. 🔸The project aims to create an NFT exchange with a portfolio tracker, a token launchpad & more. ❗️According to the smart contract of The Crypt Space (CRYPT) project, you can … Read more

New SMART Staking plans: Deposit, HODL & Earn

WhiteBIT Sep 8 · 2 min read Our WhiteBIT team is constantly working on providing our users with more opportunities to make profits. We’re happy to inform you that we have added new SMART Staking plans with the cryptos already available for Margin trading! Now, you can trade 10 pairs with up to 5x leverage … Read more

Welcome, MANA

WhiteBIT Sep 8 · 1 min read About: 🔹 MANA is an ERC-20 token created to buy goods and services on the Decentraland virtual platform. 🔹 It can also be used for purchasing the native LAND NFTs. To celebrate the listing, we are going to launch a special promotional activity for our users on the … Read more

✨ Meet SAND ✨

WhiteBIT Sep 7 · 1 min read 📌 SAND is an ERC-20 token by The Sandbox with a fixed supply of 3,000,000,000 units. 📌 SAND facilitates transactions on its platform and serves as a governance token. 📌 SAND is paired against BTC and USDT. Enjoy zero-fee trading for one week! WhiteBIT Team