What is Ethereum?

Poloniex Apr 5 · 6 min read The origins of Ethereum Founded by Vitalik Buterin, who has since become one the most prolific voices in crypto, Ethereum seeks to bring about the decentralization of the Internet through the use of something called a smart contract. In its whitepaper, one of the most important visions laid … Read more

What is a Blockchain?

Poloniex Mar 29 · 5 min read TL;DR A blockchain keeps a digital record of cryptocurrency transactions. It is immutable, meaning it can’t be changed, only added to. Run by a network of computers that are incentivized via rewards to verify transactions, the blockchain is protected from bad actors and vulnerabilities like double spend. The … Read more

What is Fantom?

Poloniex Mar 18 · 4 min read Intro to Fantom… a bit of history In 2018, Fantom’s founders established the company to not only provide a solid foundation on which a powerful dApp ecosystem could be built, but to solve something called the “blockchain trilemma”. This refers to the growth problem in blockchain wherein different … Read more