Happy birthday, Bitcoin

WhiteBIT Oct 20 · 1 min read The project that has changed everything was born on the 31st of October, 2008. Let’s celebrate the birthday of the mighty Bitcoin with a special giveaway! ✔️ Sign up on the exchange (if you haven’t yet). ✔️ Leave your registration e-mail and confirm it in the letter we … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #17, Sunday October 17

SundaeSwap Labs Just now·1 min read This week the frontend team continued to work towards wallet integration. We’ve identified a few small serialization problems in the library we use and are implementing a workaround. They’ve also started working on the ISO dashboard UI. The infrastructure team worked on our protocol stats aggregation, which will give … Read more

Vite Bi-weekly Report

October 1–15, 2021 Vite Biz Dev Comms Oct 17 · 5 min read Project Updates Introducing: Vuilder DAO Who’s ready to Vuild? We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new builder DAO on Vite — Vuilder DAO. As shared previously, the Vuilder DAO’s mission is to foster ongoing organic development on the … Read more

FROST: Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold Signatures

By Daniel Zhou FROST is a round-optimal threshold Schnorr signature protocol. Here we introduce why Coinbase decided to use FROST, what FROST is, and what we discovered while evaluating FROST. In order to improve efficiency of Coinbase’s threshold-signing systems, we decided to explore the FROST threshold Schnorr signature protocol, which features the following advantages over … Read more

Kraken Donates $150,000 in Bitcoin to Promote Black Crypto Entrepreneurship

Kraken is excited to award its latest grant to Black Bitcoin Billionaire, the largest organization aimed at promoting diversity in cryptocurrency. As part of our continued efforts to lead the worldwide adoption of digital assets, we’re donating $150,000 in BTC to Black Bitcoin Billionaire, funds which will be used at the group’s discretion to fund … Read more

Vite Bi-weekly Report

Sept 16–30, 2021 Vite Biz Dev Comms Oct 2 · 4 min read Project Updates Vite Labs Mainnet Celebrates Two Years Projects come and go, but Vite is still here and thriving. We, along with many members of our team and our #ViteFleet celebrated this milestone on September 25th, 2021 to celebrate two years since … Read more

DigiFinex AMA Recap | How One Music Company is Shaking Up the Industry Through Blockchain – MiraQle

Sep 28th, 2021 DigiFinex 20th AMA has just happened! This time we have hosted the AMA on our Telegram community. Are you a music lover? MiraQle is enabling global fans to actively participate in the entertainment industry through blockchain!  At this AMA, we have invited Ross Lee, the CEO of MiraQle as our special guest. … Read more

Kraken App Adds Apple Pay and Google Pay Integration

We are excited to announce that Kraken now supports Apple Pay and Google Pay in the Kraken App.  At Kraken we are committed to continually offering faster, easier and more convenient ways for our clients to buy crypto.  The Kraken App (available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) will automatically connect with … Read more

Weekly Technical Progress Update #14, Sunday September 19th

SundaeSwap Labs ·Just now This week, the frontend team worked on integrating a charting library for displaying real data, and a tutorial / guide overlay for our public beta. Testnet on the way! 😄 The infrastructure team continued working on load testing and implementing a db-sync alternative; We hit some small hiccups in getting the … Read more