How DAOs & Token Projects Can Use Bancor 3 To Drive Healthy Liquidity

With Bancor 3, DAOs and token projects are able to build a valuable source of community-funded liquidity that is provided by real token holders (rather than professional market-makers or mercenary yield farmers), enabling a safer, more sustainable and more profitable place to deepen on-chain liquidity while generating passive, protected yield exclusively in their native token. Here’s … Read more

Bancor 3, The Ultimate DeFi Liquidity Solution, Is Live!

Putting DeFi liquidity back in the hands of DAOs and their token holders. TL;DR: Bancor 3 is live today! Visit the brand new app to try out trading and staking on the new protocol! The protocol is initially launching with four tokens — ETH, LINK, DAI and BNT. 150+ supported tokens will be coming online soon. Bancor 3 is … Read more

$1 Million Bancor 3 Bug Bounty & Code Release

As the launch of Bancor 3 approaches, we’re excited to release the Bancor 3 code and announce the start of the Bancor 3 Bug Bounty Program! The security of Bancor is paramount and the Bug Bounty aims to incentivize responsible disclosures of any bugs in the new contracts. Rewards are allocated based on the severity of … Read more

Introducing Bancor 3

TL;DR Bancor 3 proposes a new protocol version to the BancorDAO that reduces costs for traders and stakers, and makes it easier for users to earn on their favorite tokens. An Omnipool allows for all trades on the network to occur in a single transaction. Infinity Pools enable unlimited deposits while introducing Superfluid Liquidity that can … Read more

Bancor Progress Update (April 2021)

In April, Bancor continued to see rapid growth in trade volume, liquidity providers and whitelisted assets. $3.2B+ in monthly trade volume (ATH) 20,000+ active liquidity providers $2B+ TVL 15 newly whitelisted assets $167M+ in BNT rewards paid to LPs (76% re-staked) 61,000+ vBNT burned This progress report is broken down into the following sections: Key releases What’s … Read more

Weekly Dev Update

Bancor Dev Update for the week of April 25–May 2 Releases Limit orders New protection contract New Fiat providers: Simplex, Banxa, Ramp New landing Page Contracts Truffle to hardhat migration (WIP) Normalized ETH/reserve token usages (new ReserveToken contract) Refactored token utils Allow unregistering factories from the converter factory Added transferPosition & transferPositionAndCall in the protection contract Moved unused contracts … Read more