Solana has joined us

WhiteBIT Oct 12 · 1 min read About: 🔲 Solana improves scalability by introducing a Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus combined with the underlying Proof-of-Stake. 🔲 The innovative hybrid protocol allows to significantly decrease validation times for both transaction and smart contract execution. 🔲 Solana is ranked 7 in the CoinMarketCap (as of September 2021), with 700% … Read more

✨ We’re excited to welcome MTO ✨

WhiteBIT Oct 11 · 1 min read About: ♦️ MTO is a crypto by a project that brings consumer protection to crypto payments. ♦️ MTO is an Ethereum-based utility token that has a limited supply. Pairs: MTO/USDT, MTO/ETH. Activities: Trading competition & AMA session. Start trading now! WhiteBIT Team

AMA Transcript | DBX

WhiteBIT Oct 8 · 3 min read Q: What are your thoughts on blockchain adoption, and what can DBX do to continue to make this technology more accessible to the mainstream public? A: Our ecosystem is created as an investment platform based on several algorithms: Quark, Zerocoin, and ERC-20. Now we have been working on … Read more

Say hi to Shiba Token

WhiteBIT Oct 7 · 1 min read About: 🔸 SHIB is the meme token that claims to be an Ethereum-based counterpart to Dogecoin. 🔸 SHIB is the main token of the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange. Pairs: SHIB/USDT. Activities: Trading competition Pay attention that SHIB is available on the Ethereum network. Send SHIB only on Ethereum. WhiteBIT … Read more

Time to bring your friends: WhiteBIT Top Referrals

WhiteBIT Oct 6 · 2 min read We are happy to announce the start of the activity which can bring you: 🔸 a cool merch box; 🔸 the title and privileges of the VIP-client; 🔸 rewards in USDT. Block 1 ✔️ Invite a minimum of 5 friends to our exchange via a referral link. 20% … Read more

Expand your opportunities & get rewarded

WhiteBIT Oct 5 · 1 min read We are giving away 20 USDT to each of 500 random participants who complete 3 simple steps! 1️⃣ Sign up on WhiteBIT via this link (if you haven’t already). 2️⃣ Pass KYC verification. 3️⃣ Fill in this form. Btw, verification opens up access to the full functionality of … Read more

✨ We’re happy ANKR has joined us ✨

WhiteBIT Oct 5 · 1 min read About: 🔹ANKR is a token by the project that provides Web3 infrastructure for easy and affordable node deployment globally. 🔹The crypto has a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 units. The deposits and withdrawals of ANKR are available on the Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum network. Pairs: ANKR/BTC, ANKR/USDT. Trade … Read more

AMA Transcript | QTECH

WhiteBIT Oct 4 · 4 min read Q: What are the major milestones Quattro Tech has achieved so far, and which ones have already been planned? How do you see the demand growing for products such as yours along the way? A: Firstly, the creation of tokens for the community to invest and support us … Read more

What blockchains can be found on WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT Oct 4 · 8 min read Blockchain is a data register that contains all information about the transactions carried out within the network. All transaction data remains registered and cannot be changed. Bitcoin is the most famous blockchain nowadays. The technologies, however, do not stand still, and the emergence of alternatives is pretty natural. … Read more