✨ We’re happy to have GAPT listed ✨

WhiteBIT Jun 15 · 1 min read ✅ GAPT is a fairly launched deflationary token built on Binance Smart Chain. ✅ The project is aimed at raising funds for a charitable donation chosen by the community. ✅ GAPT is paired against DECL, which you can read more about here. ✅ A trading competition, AMA & … Read more

We’re happy to welcome USM

WhiteBIT Jun 14 · 1 min read ♦️ UnSafeMoon (USM) is a hyperdeflationary utility token based on Binance Smart Chain. ♦️ 99% of the supply of this community-driven asset was burned before its launch. ♦️ USM is paired against USDT. We will soon be ready with Bounty, AMA & SMART Staking plans. Trade fee-free for … Read more

Welcome, SLAM!

WhiteBIT Jun 14 · 1 min read ✔️ SLAM is a deflationary, auto-reward governance token of the gambling ecosystem of Slam. ✔️ Liquidity generation for $SLAM bankroll is secured through contracts. ✔️ SLAM is paired against USDT, with another pair to be added later. ✔️ A bounty campaign, AMA, & SMART Staking plans are coming … Read more

Meet FOGE!

WhiteBIT Jun 10 · 1 min read ✔️ Fat Doge (FOGE) is a meme token that strives to become a #1 Ethereum-based crypto. ✔️ FOGE is going to build a large and vibrant community powering its development. ✔️ FOGE is paired against DECL. The Bounty, AMA & SMART Staking plans are coming. Trade at a … Read more

Meet CasinoCoin

WhiteBIT Jun 10 · 1 min read ✔️ CasinoCoin (CSC) is built with a regulated gaming market in mind and designed for safe & fast transactions. ✔️ CSC solves the problem of limited transparency in gambling, ensuring a legit industry functioning. ✔️ CSC is paired against USDT, with the BTC pair to be added later. … Read more

Great news! HNZO joined our exchange

WhiteBIT Jun 9 · 1 min read 🔸 HNZO is a deflationary ERC-20 token with a total supply of 100 Trillion at launch.🔸 Former SHIBA INU team member runs HANZO INU. 🔸 HNZO is paired against DECL. Watch our video about DECL here. 🔸 Expect HNZO AMA & SMART Stalking plans soon. Trade fee-free for … Read more

Tokenomics: To Buy Or Not To Buy

WhiteBIT Jun 8 · 4 min read Tokenomics is one of the most effective methods for analyzing cryptocurrency. In this article, we will talk about five main questions for token analysis and the documents that must be studied before investing in a crypto project. Investing in cryptocurrency, especially when it has just entered the market, … Read more

We’re happy to welcome PAWS

WhiteBIT Jun 7 · 1 min read ◾️Animal Adoption Advocacy is a BEP-20 utility token native to the PAWS platform. ◾️The project allows you to donate to various organizations while ensuring their authenticity. ◾️PAWS is paired against DECL. Stay tuned for the AMA, trading competition & SMART Staking plans. Trade without fee for two weeks! … Read more

Welcome, AstroElon!

WhiteBIT Jun 4 · 1 min read ◾️ ELON1 is a safe, auto-reward, auto-deflationary ERC-20 protocol built in response to the recent surge in scams and ‘rugs’. ◾️ ELON1 is paired against DECL. ◾️ ELON1 bounty campaign, AMA & SMART Staking plan are coming soon. Enjoy fee-free trading for 1 week! WhiteBIT Team