Okcoin joins the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)

Okcoin is the third crypto exchange to become a member of ISDA, paving the way for us to offer bilateral OTC crypto derivatives soon. Learn more about how Okcoin is going to bring institutional-grade standards and processes to crypto products. In summary Okcoin is now a member of ISDA, the global derivatives markets association, and … Read more

UMA and BRWL are now on Okcoin

You can now trade Universal Market Access (UMA) and Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) against USD on Okcoin. Here’s what these two projects are about, in simple terms. 💪 TL;DR What? You can now deposit, withdraw, and trade UMA and BRWL on Okcoin. Who? All Okcoin customers including those in the United States, except for residents of  … Read more

Bitcoin 2022 highlights

Over 20,000 people met in Miami to talk about Bitcoin and our team was glad to meet some of you there. Here’s some of our highlights. 👇 We unleashed Bitcoin Our Head of Listings Alex Chizhik and our COO Jason Lau spoke on panels at Stacks’ conference, Bitcoin Unleashed. Coming out of our Bitcoin Odyssey … Read more