Debt Pool Synthesis

Before jumping in a quick reminder on some of the naming conventions used in this post. V2x refers to the remaining scope to be delivered in the current Synthetix protocolV3 refers to the redesigned contract architecture to be deployed next yearV3GM refers to the new generalised governance module developed by SynthetixDebt Pool Synthesis refers to … Read more

V2x Revisited

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the westLed Zeppelin A few weeks ago we wrapped up the first Core Contributor offsite since December 2019, with almost all Core Contributors from the Western Hemisphere attending. While it would have been great to get all 30+ Synthetix CC’s in one place, unfortunately, travel restrictions … Read more

Optimism Launch Announcement

After many months of hard work and collaboration between Chainlink, Optimism and Synthetix we are extremely excited to announce exchanges on OΞ will be enabled the week of July 26th, with a final deployment date pending Spartan Council approval. As specified in SIP-121 the initial Synths supported will be sETH, sBTC and sLINK. In addition, … Read more

DAO First Capital Formation

One of the most fun and terrifying aspects of DeFi is the constant innovation, there are new and crazy projects forming constantly. Low barriers to entry mean experimentation has never been easier, enabling global permissionless innovation in finance. Over the last few years, I’ve been in the privileged position to speak to almost one hundred … Read more

An Old Dictator Appears

Earlier this year the Synthetix community implemented a critical change on the path to decentralised governance SIP-111, ceding protocol change decisions to the Spartan Council. To prepare for this transition the Council needed to have the space to establish itself and gain community support as the legitimate governing body within the protocol. This was the … Read more

A little dash of hÖpΞm

DisclaimerAs always I will preface this post with a disclaimer, this post is purely my opinion, I believe the path laid out here is sound, I arrived at it through numerous conversations with members of the Synthetix community. However, I have no mechanism to enforce this path other than being annoying. While I remain one … Read more

Frontrunning Synthetix: a history

As we embark on two new approaches to limit frontrunning I thought it would be valuable to document the history of frontrunning Synthetix. Frontrunning is a thread that has managed to weave its way through our entire journey. Hopefully, understanding how this long standing challenge has been approached by the Synthetix community will provide insights … Read more