DeFi — what is the power?

Exolix Exchange Feb 19·4 min read DeFi is short for “decentralized finance”. They are the ones that have been exciting the hearts of crypto enthusiasts for several years. Let’s try to figure out together what is their power? Why have they undertaken such an important mission of transforming the entire global financial system? Is this … Read more

Top 5 most explosive coins of 2021

Exolix Exchange Dec 11, 2020·4 min read We are approaching 2021. The sphere of cryptocurrency no longer causes as much mistrust and skepticism as it did a couple of years ago. Nowadays it is obvious that the digital currency will take a significant place in the global economy due to its conceptual and functional value. … Read more

How to start earning with the Exolix affiliate program

Exolix Exchange Aug 21, 2020·3 min read We are happy to announce our new affiliate program, which allows you to benefit easily, constantly increasing your income. Just post our referral link or banner on a forum, your blog, channel, or anywhere else, or integrate our API into your system, and earn revenue from each customer … Read more

Cryptocurrency exchanges or exchange services?

Exolix Exchange Jun 16, 2020·2 min read Today we will consider the pros and cons of both exchange options to understand which one is better. To make a purchase of the cryptocurrency through an exchange service, you need to register on its website, select two currencies (which you want to give and which you want … Read more

Which cryptocurrencies are BEST to invest in today?

Exolix Exchange Jun 9, 2020·3 min read Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies at all? For some people the idea of this kind of investment is not the best idea, however, someone invests actively and will be rewarded for it. The main objective of the investment is to buy coins that can be more expensive … Read more