Dfyn is Launching on Fantom

Dfyn Network Just now·4 min read Chain by chain, chain after chain, t’is the season, chain chain…. ​​Dfyn team is excited to announce the launch of Dfyn Exchange on the Fantom blockchain! The expansion of the Dfyn ecosystem to other blockchains is consistent with our vision for a seamless multi-blockchain world, where users can freely … Read more

Introducing Dfyn Fusion

Dfyn Network Just now·3 min read Simplifying conversion of multiple tokens into one single token We are thrilled to announce the launch of Dfyn Fusion — a product designed to streamline the token conversion process for our users. Fusion will allow users to carry out complex swaps by enabling them to convert multiple tokens to … Read more

Into the vDfyn vault: How it differs from other staking vaults?

Dfyn Network Just now·4 min read We recently launched a vDfyn vault that allows the Dfyn community members to stake their $DFYN tokens and earn a share of the protocol fees in return. As anticipated, the vDfyn vault has proved to be a hit amongst the community with over 1350 users staking their Dfyn tokens … Read more

Renewal of Eco-Farms and farming update

Dfyn Network Just now·2 min read Many Eco-Farms and DFYN-ROUTE were renewed and the UST-USDC pair was added In this Farming update of Dfyn, we are pleased to announce that the following Eco-Farms which were ending on September 22, 2021, were renewed for 30 days. DFYN-MATIC, DFYN-UNI, DFYN-LINK, DFYN-LUNA, DFYN-CRV, and DFYN-AAVE were part of … Read more

Dfyn Governance Vote 2: Index Token with Amun

Dfyn Network Just now·2 min read Amun / 21Shares has approached Dfyn to include $DFYN in their Polygon index token. We’re forwarding this proposal to the community to vote on whether to approve this partnership. As part of the deal, Dfyn would provide $880,000 in $DFYN to seed the index. Dfyn would then receive an … Read more

Dfyn Partners with Bonded Finance to expand the utility of tokens

Dfyn Network Just now·2 min read The Dfyn team is excited to announce a partnership with Bonded Finance! With this partnership, DFYN and ROUTE will be added as collateral types to the Bonded Finance platform, allowing users to take out stablecoin loans while retaining exposure to the success of DFYN and ROUTE tokens. What is … Read more

Presenting vDfyn: Stake Dfyn & Earn Protocol Fees

Dfyn Network Just now·7 min read We are excited to announce the launch of vDfyn, Dfyn Network’s token with enhanced governance privileges. vDfyn represents a natural next step in the evolution of the DFYN network and is designed to align the Dfyn community’s interests with that of DFYN AMM more closely. In addition to distributing … Read more

Dfyn Fortnight In Review

Dfyn Network Just now·4 min read Recapping Dfyn’s Accomplishments in the last two weeks Another fruitful fortnight for Dfyn as we continue to build partnerships and additional use cases for our community. Sharing our major highlights from the past two weeks. IntoTheBlock Analytics Integration We have integrated pair-wise analytics from Intotheblock into our Charts page, … Read more