The 1inch Network expands to Avalanche and Gnosis Chain

The expansion to the two fast-growing blockchains will offer 1inch users more options for low-costs, high-speed transactions. The 1inch Network is thrilled to share that its conquest of the DeFi space goes ahead as the 1inch Aggregation Protocol and the 1inch Limit Order Protocol have been deployed on Avalanche and Gnosis Chain, formerly known as … Read more

Why should you integrate 1inch APIs into your service?

In this article, we’ll explain the advantages that you can get from integrating the 1inch Aggregation API and 1inch Limit Order API into your project. The integration of open-source protocols by various services has been one of the backbones of the DeFi space. For instance, the 1inch Aggregation API has been already integrated by dozens … Read more

1inch DeFi Racer starts off!

With the launch of this game, the 1inch Network begins the exploration of Web 3 tools, such as GameFi, play-to-earn and metaverse. On December 21, an update of the 1inch Wallet for iOS will be released, featuring the DeFi Racer game, developed by Nord Beaver studio. The game comes as the 1inch Network’s first array … Read more

The 1inch Limit Order Protocol v2 is released

Among the improvements is a breakthrough feature enabling users to gaslessly swap into ETH dozens of tokens that support permits. As a DeFi leader, the 1inch Network is constantly working on improving its protocols to make sure that users always get the best swap deals in the space. In June 2021, the 1inch Limit Order … Read more

1inch integrates with Skynet’s Homescreen

Thanks to the integration, users will be able to add the 1inch dApp to their Homescreen, saving the entirety of the site’s code and assets to their personal, decentralized cloud. The 1inch Network is happy to announce that the 1inch front-end is now deployed to Skynet with full support for Homescreen. With Homescreen, users can … Read more

1inch launches collaboration with Parts of Four

In total, 22,000 NFTs of 31 versions will be minted across seven (7) levels of sophistication. The NFTs will be offered at 25 BUSD each. The P4 Metaverse expansion will begin with a simple ERC-20 community token, P4C and quickly move towards an NFT platform based on BSC, enabling users to acquire, forge, and merge … Read more

The 1inch dApp added to Ledger Live

A combination of 1inch and Ledger tech facilitates competitive swap rates while keeping users’ digital belongings fully secure. As part of a constant drive to offer users the most secure and profitable solutions, the 1inch Network is happy to share that the 1inch dApp has been added to Ledger Live app. The 1inch dApp available … Read more

The 1inch Network closes a $175 mln Series B round

The funding will be spent on facilitating an entry to the DeFi space for traditional financial institutions, building new protocols, creating additional utilities for the 1INCH token and scaling up the contributor team. The 1inch team is thrilled to announce a successful closure of a $175 mln series B funding round from institutional investors, led … Read more

How 1inch ensures the security of users’ funds

In this article, we’ll explain how 1inch protects users’ assets against any security breaches regardless of the protocol on which swaps are made. Security is one of the most urgent concerns in the DeFi space, as smart contracts do get hacked from time to time. Over the past few months alone, there have been several … Read more

The road to decentralization

This article marks the official start of 1inch Network governance implementation stage 2! As discussed in earlier articles, the implementation of the 1inch DAO involves two stages: Stage 1: This was kicked off in December 2020 with the initial distribution of 1INCH tokens to protocol users and the launch of Instant Governance. The goal was … Read more