The DODO Journal #24 (Jul 16, 2022 — Jul 31, 2022)

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Welcome back to the DODO Journal! We have some interesting updates for you this time, including the DODO buyback and a co-founder interview. Check it out below…

Diane Dai on Huobi X-Change

Diane Dai, DODO’s CMO, shared her crypto story on Huobi X-Change on July 21st. The discussion centred around DODO and the future of cryptocurrency and DeFi. Check it out at the link in the tweet above!

Polygon Incentives Adjustment

On July 28, at 11:59 PM (EST), DODO adjusted the rewards for the following DODO x Polygon Network liquidity mining pools: USDC/USDT and DODO/USDT. Have a look at the tweet thread for more details.

13th DODO Buyback and Distribution Completed

The 13th platform fee buyback and distribution was completed on June 22, 2022, with a total revenue of $41,437.50 USDT, of which $31,078.12 USDT were used to buy back 197,545.58 DODO tokens, which were transferred into vDODO contracts for distribution to all vDODO holders in the form of vDODO tokens. An additional $10,359.38 USDT have been transferred to the Community Vault.

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