Halfway Through 2022, the DODO Team Is Hard at Work

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As we move into the second half of the year, here’s a look at what we’ve already accomplished and what’s in store for the coming months.

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already more than halfway over. The year has been very eventful so far — and not only due to the volatility that has shaken crypto markets.

Despite unstable market conditions, the DODO team has stayed focused on its core objectives: building great products and services for the community. That’s just the beginning — we’re working on even more new features and improvements to the best on-chain liquidity provider in the game.

Here’s what we’ve delivered so far this year, and what lies on the horizon:

Our development efforts in Q1 and Q2 were dedicated to making the trading interface smoother, richer, and simpler to navigate, and to expanding DODO’s multichain capabilities and the backend functionality of the product.

To that end, we’ve upgraded DODO’s user interface (UI) with an optimized functional module layout, including visual effects that make it easier on the eyes. We’ve also added in-app user guidance features to help people navigate DODO more easily.

The trading experience has been further enhanced with several new types of swaps and a trio of features designed to boost security and help keep trading costs in check. Privacy swap is designed to protect users from sandwich attacks, while gasless trades allow users to make transactions without slippage or gas fees. DODO users can now also place limit orders, so they can submit swap orders at pre-set prices.

Behind the scenes, DODO’s dev team has made a string of backend improvements. We’ve increased data loading efficiency and accuracy, so market data is more precise than ever. We’ve also refined interactions between different products, and improved the display and synchronization of transaction status updates.

Trading hasn’t been the only function to benefit from our development efforts. The DODO team has also been hard at work enriching other parts of the ecosystem.

Crowdpooling plays a crucial role in giving our community access to new types of digital assets while providing projects with a way to distribute tokens and bootstrap liquidity. This year, we’ve added new features to make IDOs even more flexible for projects and investors. Now, creators have more tools to manage liquidity with a variety of strategies, as well as the option to put a hard cap on how many tokens each participant can buy. For a fee, they can promote their offerings on the front page of the Crowdpooling site with a sharp new info display.

Since day one, we’ve been working to make the DODO ecosystem accessible to people across the DeFi space. An important part of this mission is our multi-chain deployment strategy. This year, we’ve taken another important step by opening access to DODO’s full suite of products and services to even more EVM-compatible public chains, including Avalanche, Cronos, Optimism, and Moonriver.

Our plans for Q3 have been shaped by a combination of input from our community and changes in the DeFi space over the first half of the year. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Cross-chain swap aggregation: Due to the bumper crop of Layer-2 ecosystems that have launched in recent months, the demand for cross-chain services is surging. DODO has plans to collaborate with several cross-chain protocols to help users find the best prices for swaps across multiple chains.
  • The DODO Trading Widget: To further enhance DODO’s functionality across the DeFi ecosystem, we’re creating a widget that allows third parties to natively integrate the DEX into their services. The widget also comes equipped with a revenue-sharing model.
  • A new IDO whitelisting tool: The team is building a visualization tool to help projects set up IDO whitelists. With this tool, projects will be able to conveniently and permissionlessly decide who can participate in token distribution.
  • Incentive distribution tools for projects: DODO is creating tools that will help projects permissionlessly reward their token holders and liquidity providers for participating in the DODO ecosystem.
  • Enhance gasless trading: Gasless trading is a new trading mode where users can enjoy zero slippage and instant confirmation, without paying any gas. DODO will continue to improve it in three main areas: more tokens, faster confirmation, and better liquidity.

No matter what twists and turns the markets take in the coming months and years, the DODO team will not waver in its commitment to delivering the tools our community wants and needs. We are so grateful to the users who have participated in the ecosystem, taken part in community discussions, and contributed their thoughts and ideas to DODO’s future development.

With the DODO community behind us, we are confident that, when all is said and done, 2022 will prove a pivotal year for our growth and development.

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