What is Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)?

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Mines of Dalarnia (hereafter referred to as MoD) is a blockchain based, interplanetary mining game built in the Chromia metaverse.

What is Mines of Dalarnia?

MoD is a new Play 2 Earn game running on the Chromia blockchain. Its mainnet launched on April 26th, 2022, and it is a part of the Chromia ecosystem.

As outlined in its litepaper, MoD is being built with the goal of leveraging blockchain tech to give players true ownership of their gaming experience and the ability to monetize their gameplay.

In MoD, players find themselves in the year 11,752 just as an AI known as the Onemind has introduced terraforming technology that can rapidly terraform previously inhospitable planets in a matter of seconds. What does this mean for the inhabitants of the MoD universe? The chance for untold riches… if you’re brave enough. Play as a miner looking to make their fortune on a mysterious planet, and/or a land owner that owns and manages plots of land on these new frontiers.

MoD features 4 planets at launch- Luna Praxis, Terra Caldera, Terra Prime, Terra Simia. As may be evident, planets will be categorized into different types. For instance, the planets with the word ‘terra’ in them belong to the planet type ‘Terra’.

The mining experience runs a bit like a mix of a platformer and dungeon crawler, with players traversing an exciting yet treacherous terrain full of untold riches and resources. On the flip side, players can also act as Land owners, which means they rent out and manage plots of land on the different planets in the Dalarnia universe. MoD features a top-down and detail rich view of the different plots of land.

The game is blockchain-powered, so all items and actions are registered on Chromia. Furthermore, governance of the project is decentralized.

How does Mines of Dalarnia work?

Being that MoD operates on the Chromia blockchain, it also exists within the Chromia ecosystem, which means that it has potential to collaborate with other ecosystem projects in the future. In-game items including land are represented by NFTs, while resources and consumables in the game are represented by tokens. Furthermore there is an open market to trade NFTs.

But let’s get into the fun part- how the gameplay works!

There are 2 game roles in MoD: Miners and Land Owners.

Miners gather resources in mining plots and fight off vicious monsters. The gameplay here is a sidescroller dungeon crawler-like game. Miners pay a fee paid in DAR in order to rent land plots and mine them. Miners can also craft and upgrade their mining equipment in order to progress in the game and access mines and depths with higher difficulty. Players can equip themselves with weapons, armor suits, various accessories, and in-game companions called Canaries.

Land Owners lease their owned Mining Plots to miners, collecting taxes and managing the goings on of their plots. Land owners have the responsibility of managing their plots, meaning they must do things like terraform the land when its resources are depleted. Land owners will even be able to host multiplayer events.

The way the metaverse real estate in the game is organized is that each planet is split into a 40×40 grid. When viewing a planet, players are able to inspect different plots of land to discover details and make decisions about mining, buying, or selling those planets.

So, how do land owners earn? Land owners can collect DAR through taxes on land they own, and they can also use said land to mine resources

And how do miners earn? Players can earn DAR, MoD’s native token through staking and participating in tournaments

The NFT part of Mines of Dalarnia

As aforementioned, MoD’s universe features helpful robot pals called Robo Canary birds, which alert players to hazards and enemies, but can also carry materials to a planet’s surface to aid in a player’s mining efforts and act as a light source to aid your exploration of these mysterious planets. And, of course, with a game in the metaverse, these helpful metal avians are expressed as NFTs with different rarities!

MoD has also minted 3039 ‘Mining Ape’ NFTs that give holders long term benefits in MoD’s community.

Social component

In terms of the socializing within the game, MoD has introduced Space Stations, which serve as hubs where players can meet and hang out. Furthermore, Space Stations feature apartments that can be rented and bought by players.

How can one play Mines of Dalarnia?

At the moment, the game is available on PC through web browser or on your desktop. Soon, MoD has plans to make a mobile version of the game.

What does mining look like?

Mining is where MoD becomes a platformer/dungeon-crawler. Players, armed with mining equipment, weapons and other items, need to mine… and survive long enough to take back what they find.

Levels are procedurally generated, so no two mining experiences will look alike. Players can also customize how their avatar looks, with options to choose your own helmet, armor, and other visual effects.

The way you progress as a miner is through collecting rare resources, upgrading and crafting equipment, and competing to win rewards.

What does owning land look like?

You need to connect to the platform with a MetaMask wallet in order to buy land. Ownership is expressed through NFTs, with land being bought with DAR tokens.

What can you do with DAR?

Players use DAR in order to participate in the game and earn assets. More specifically, it is used to buy and rent mining plots, craft equipment, and can be traded against on the game’s marketplace. Later on, players will have the option to stake DAR for rewards. DAR is also used as the reward for players participating in competitions.

What does MoD’s future look like?

As its mainnet has launched and its marketplace launched in Q2 of 2022, MoD is likely focused on the next part of its roadmap, which includes releasing a mobile version of the game. The project also has plans to release new plants on an as-needed basis. In the future, players will be able to trade in-game assets for DAR.

How to acquire $DAR

DAR is available on multiple exchanges like Poloniex! You can acquire DAR through trading a USDT trading pair: DAR/USDT.

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