Jun 29/30: Synthetix Community Governance Call

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Jun 29/30: Synthetix Community Governance Call

The next Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for June 29th at 9pm UTC (6/29 afternoon/evening for western hemisphere; 6/30 morning for eastern hemisphere), and we’d love for you to join us!

We’ll be holding this event on our Discord, RSVP at https://discord.gg/qyqqKUH4?event=989885215369486407

The current agenda for this month’s meeting (subject to change) is as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Spartan Council update
  • Intro new CC’s
  • Atomic Swaps Integrations and Updates
  • Perp V2 Updates
  • Circuit Breakers and Frontrunning Updates
  • Gauntlet Risk Updates
  • Stats Page Status & direction
  • CC Office Hours / Open Questions
  • sUSD Bridge
  • Liquidation Mechanism in Review
  • V2X/V3GM governance & Feedback
  • Synthetix V3 – Updates and Status


  • Grants council updates (CT)
  • Ambassadors council updates (Millie)
  • Kwenta updates (Andrew)
  • Thales updates (Padzank)
  • Lyra updates (Nick)
  • Aelin updates (Alex the Bored Ape)
  • Open questions (Council)

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