Biswap & Meta 17:17 | Meet Robi in The Sandbox Metaverse!

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Are you ready to meet Robi in The Sandbox Metaverse?

Biswap keeps spreading all over the crypto world, so it’s high time to shed light on one more powerful integration!

We want to gladly present our new friend Meta 17:17!

The Meta 17:17 project cooperates with top DEFI projects and works on new integrations into Sandbox via their lands. Thanks to our co-work, users will get a unique chance to see Biswap Robi on The Sandbox Metaverse lands first!

The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences.

Take a look at The Sandbox benefits:

🧩 Over 500,000 wallets connected
🧩 Over 165 brands
🧩 $28 000 000+ Total RGOLD Token Transaction Volume
🧩 Popular IP and artist partners (such as Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Adidas, Avenged Sevenfold, Atari, etc.)

Find Robi on Meta 17:17 Lands in Sandbox!

The Biswap integration in The Sandbox Metaverse is so bright!

Each Meta 17:17 land will have 1 Robi, who will provide necessary links and information about Biswap for all passing The Sandbox players.

The well known and ambitious mascot of Biswap will kindly help and guide users with useful information and links.

Look for Robi on Meta 17:17 lands in The Sandbox:

Why Meta 17:17? | Explore Biswap Integration

Meta 17:17 is a gaming development project created for educational and enclosure purposes.

More than 38 investors and its CEO, Alexander 17:17, are aimed to spread their portfolio by Q2 2022. The CEO of META 17:17 is an Instagram influencer (@richplein) who has been dealing with digital assets since 2015.

Within just two months, META 17:17 increased its portfolio with more than 19 lands, which will be opened step-by-step to the public.

Stay tuned for more news, see you in The Sandbox!

Advantages of the integration for Biswap

This new kind of integration will bring lots of bright benefits and open to The Sandbox users the Biswap world:

🔥Biswap Robi will appear in The Sandbox Metaverse on Meta 17:17 lands, getting the players acquainted with the 2nd largest DEX on BSC.

🔥Strengthening cooperation with Pirates World
Users will be able to buy RGOLD with the lowest Commission Fee of only 0.1% by following the Robi’s link.

🔥Greater Biswap brand recognition
It will attract gamers who were not previously familiar with the Biswap platform.

🔥Robi will provide users with data.
Mascot of Biswap will greet players and share the info with the links to all gamers walking around the parcels.

Get ready to join the Biswap DEX via one-click action in The Sandbox!

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