Meet the lucky Lambo winner!

This post was originally published on Waves exchange

Oct 21 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce the winner of our Lambo giveaway held among Lambo investors on Waves.Exchange.

On April, 16 2021, we launched a giveaway. All users who made even a small investment in the then launched product, Lambo, between the Waves blockchain’s block heights of 2,550,308 and 2,809,439, automatically participated in the contest.

Lambo Investments turned out to be very successful, which these stats prove:

Total investment: $ 42,370,392

Total number of participants: 11,124

Total number of lottery tickets: 9,739,556

Investors’ total income: $ 6,366,148

It took us some time to finalize the list of participants, and now all the data is stored on the Waves blockchain.

To count the number of lottery tickets for each participant, we took into account the average user’s balance at the block height of 2,809,439, which should be at least 1 USDTLAMBO or 1 USDCLAMBO.

The winner was chosen through the Waves blockchain randomizer — a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness.

The winning number is 4644097, it can be checked in this contract.

We are happy to announce the winning address:


If you are the owner of this address and would like to collect your Lamborghini Huracan car, please, contact us via Twitter to proceed with the verification process.

If the owner of the winning address does not get in touch within two weeks from the moment of this announcement, the randomizer dApp will generate a new winning number.

We congratulate the lucky owner of the address


and commend all those who took part in the giveaway. Stay tuned, so that you do not miss more exciting contests!

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