Polkadex x Bruno NFT Giveaway and Auction

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Your chance to get your hands on super-cute rare Polkadex NFTs is here!

The giveaway

  1. 🔁 Retweet this tweet
  2. 💬 Tag 3 friends in the comments of the tweet
  3. 🙌 You’ll get extra points and a higher chance of winning if you quote retweet the tweet above explaining why you want the NFT!

The auction

Along with the giveaway, there will be a limited time auction of the following three unique Polkadex x Bruno NFTs! Click on each link below to place a bid on your favorite… or favorites.


Or as we like to call her, Laser Eyes, is a chrome-skinned sniper who never takes the wrong shot. She always buys the bottom. Place a bid here!


His friends call him Tony. He’s lived through countless bear markets and thrived through his fair share of bull markets. He’s in it for the thrill. Place a bid here!


Charlie owns a Lambo and has the gold-plated sunglasses to prove it. Place a bid here!

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