How to buy and earn ETH on Bancor

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Bancor now offers exceptionally low slippage on large trades of ETH thanks to having the lowest trading fees (0.2%) and some of the deepest liquidity to the token of any DeFi protocol ($385m as of 09/2021). Here, we will show you how to buy $ETH and stake it on Bancor to earn low-risk, passive yield on your $ETH.

How to buy $ETH on Bancor

1. Ensure you have Metamask installed and loaded with funds for trading

This is the first step to making transactions on the Ethereum network. If you haven’t already installed Metamask, please follow the instructions here.

You can transfer your existing ERC-20 tokens from Coinbase or Binance to Metamask.

Or you can purchase $ETH with your credit card on Bancor using its supported credit card gateways or use a credit card gateway in MetaMask.

2. Connect Metamask to Bancor

Visit and click on Connect Wallet (highlighted in the yellow box below), then select Metamask from the list of wallets that appears thereafter:

You may be prompted to enter your password into your Chrome or Firefox Metamask plug-in. Once connected, you will see your wallet address appear on the UI as below (in the yellow box):

3. Buy $ETH

ETH will already be selected as the default token to be sold in the yellow box below. Instead, you need to select the token you are using to buy $ETH. To do this, click on the ETH logo highlighted below and select or search for the token you wish to sell from the drop-down menu that opens up. In this example, we’ll be selling $wNXM to buy $ETH:

Ensuring that Market (and not Limit) is selected, enter the number of the chosen tokens you wish to sell:

Now select $ETH from the drop-down list that appears when you click Select a token (shown in the yellow box below), and you will see how much $ETH you can buy with the tokens you are selling:

Click Trade, and you will be prompted in Metamask to pay a small network fee (giving you permission to create a transaction) if this is your first time trading on Bancor in a while. Once confirmed, you will then be asked to pay the gas fee (highlighted in yellow below) to enact the transaction.

Click confirm, and wait for the transaction to be completed. Once complete, you will see your ETH in your Metamask plugin.

Done! Now to stake your $ETH on Bancor for passive yield and full impermanent loss protection.

Wanted to place a limit order instead? Find out how to do so here.

How to stake $ETH on Bancor for passive yield

Passive yield from trading fees with impermanent loss protection has been Bancor’s killer feature since the launch of v2.1, and the ETH pool has become one of the most popular destinations in DeFi for liquidity providers, as well as being the largest pool on Bancor. Here we’ll show you how to earn passive yield on your $ETH.

  1. Ensuring Bancor is connected to Metamask, visit and search for the ETH pool in the search box (in the yellow box below).

If the pool is receiving BNT liquidity mining rewards, you will see the % returns from BNT rewards in the “Rewards” column. The “APR” column indicates returns earned from swap fees (paid in ETH). To get the combined APR, add together the values in the “Rewards” and “APR” columns.

Once you’re ready to add liquidity, click the blue + button under Actions for the ETH/BNT pool to add liquidity.

2. Insert the amount of ETH tokens you wish to stake. If you wish to stake all your ETH tokens, click on ‘Balance’ and the text box will auto-fill with your entire ETH stack.

3. Click Stake and Protect, you will be prompted in Metamask to pay the Ethereum network gas fee to enact the transaction.

4. Click confirm and wait for the transaction to be completed. Once completed, select ‘Portfolio’ from the sidebar and you’ll be able to see your newly provided liquidity:

For each individual stake in a pool, the “My Protected Positions” table displays:

  • Initial Stake” — the total number of tokens initially staked
  • Protected” — the value of your position as if it has achieved full 100% protection
  • Claimable” — value available for withdrawal now. If IL has occurred, and the stake is less than 100 days old, Claimable will be lower than Protected
  • Fees & BNT Rewards” — the amount of fees and BNT rewards earned on the given stake
  • ROI” — The percentage return on your staked tokens, calculated like so: Protected-Initial Stake/Initial Stake*100
  • Current Coverage” — the time until you’ve accrued 100% IL protection

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