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Sep 18 · 9 min read

Q: You say that LOFI-DEFI is a cryptocurrency focused on supporting artists, musicians, and artisans of all stripes by creating an asset and platform. How do you plan to support creative people, how exactly your products are going to help them and why they should choose you beneath many other similar projects?

Q: Have you already managed to enlist the support of influencers/bloggers/famous artists or other people in this area and how do you plan to promote your product?”

Q: What about your platform? What features and purpose it going to have, and how do you plan to achieve something that you mentioned in your whitepaper “supporting artists, musicians, and artisans of all stripes by creating an asset and platform that invests in their future and help build their brand while providing investors with an investment vehicle that’s set up to deliver exponential returns for years to come?

Q: Your app is going to be a wallet and a marketplace for creators, did I get this right? So is it going to be an NFT marketplace/content for subscription/platform for freelancers, or how exactly is it gonna work for creators? Are you going to choose who is going to be great on your platform, or anyone can become one?

Q: How critical do you consider the interoperability between the ecosystems to be to the future of blockchain tech, and How are you paving the way to that future?

Q: In your roadmap, you plan to collaborate with top Influencers. How do you select which Influencer to collaborate with? What exactly do you look for in those Influencers, what virtues do you focus on? Have some of those Influencers been selected already?

Q: What types of users are there in the market that you are focusing on? What’s the competitive advantage of Lofi ‘s Product to its users?

Q: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. What is the way to generate profit/revenue from a token? What is the income model? plan for the future?

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