WSEDAO launch

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Jun 21 · 1 min read

We are very honored to announce that the private placement of CLR has been successfully concluded.

Our special thanks go for the support to our partner BOUNDARY CAPITAL and super-node communities around the world.

CLR will launch the WSEDAO liquidity pool at 1:00 PM UTC on June 22.


  1. The initial price of CLR is 0.13 USDT;
  2. The distribution of CLR is as follows
    2.1 20% is used for node fundraising;
    2.2 40% is used for liquid mining;
    2.3 10% is used for technology development;
    2.4 10% is used for initial liquidity addition;
    2.5 20% is used for ecological construction
  3. CLR will be positioned as a new aggregate asset capable of liquidity mining and burning mining in the DeFi field, running through all WhiteSwap ecological fields;
  4. CLR will be issued before 0:00 PM (00:00) GMT+3 on June 22, with an initial release of 30%, and a linear release of 10% every month thereafter;

We sincerely welcome all technical personnel to jointly develop the CLR sub-ecology, and also welcome communities to participate in the CLR community autonomy.

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