Get your Halloween BurgerSwap NFT’s

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Oct 30, 2020 · 2 min read

With only a few hours or minutes left to Halloween (depending in which time zone you are) we are excited to announce our Halloween NFT campaign with special BurgerSwap Halloween NFT’s to be earned.

We have created an exclusive series of 299 BurgerSwap Halloween NFT’s on the Binance Smart Chain for you!

  • 133 BurgerSwap Halloween Common NFT’s
  • 100 BurgerSwap Halloween Rare NFT’s
  • 66 BurgerSwap Halloween SuperRare NFT’s

In this Halloween NFT Campaign we will reward liquidity providers with NFT’s, which we will airdrop in your wallets.

But you also need to share some creepiness on Twitter, with the hashtag #BurgerSwapNFT and @burger_swap and $BURGER.

After the campaign period ends, the NFT’s can be auctioned on the Bounce Finance platform.

  • Reward period: October 31st, 00:00 UTC -November 6th 00:00 UTC
  • Rewards: a maximum of 299 BurgerSwap Exclusive Halloween NFT’s
  • Eligible: Everyone who provides 100 USD or more worth of liquidity (on both sides!) for the FRIES/BURGER pair or the 7UP/BURGER pair, for the full campaign period, AND shared a screenshot of the first BurgerSwap Halloween NFT on Twitter will be eligible for the NFT airdrop
  • Twitter rules: post a screenshot of the first BurgerSwap Halloween NFT on Twitter, add hashtag #BurgerSwapNFT $BURGER and tag @burger_swap
  • The top 66 LP’s will receive a BurgerSwap Halloween SuperRare NFT
  • The 67–166 LP’s will receive a BurgerSwap Halloween Rare NFT
  • The 167–299 LP’s will receive a BurgerSwap Halloween Common NFT

And what’s more… FRIES/BURGER LP’s in addition will at the same time earn FRIES and receive them automatically in their wallet! While 7UP/BURGER LP’s will earn 7UP and automatically receive them in their wallet! Here are some real benefits of the Fast Food Alliance 🍔🍟🥤

Remember: only wallets with average liquidity of 100 USD worth for the whole period will be eligible. If there are less than 300 wallets eligible, there will be less NFT’s distributed.

We will take a random snapshot every day for 7 days and take the liquid market value of the trading pair to calculate liquidity and eligibility.

Participants will also earn mining rewards and transaction fee rewards during the period in which they providing liquidity.

After the campaign ends, we will airdrop the NFT’s randomly to eligible wallets.

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